You want to fall asleep in 2 minutes? A military Trick from the 2. World war to make it possible – Video

Can’t sleep: everyone knows. Instead of hot milk, and eternal read to help now a Trick in the US Army, developed in the Second world war against the insomnia. In a maximum of two minutes he shall put you to Sleep.

Many people fall Asleep hard in the evening. To recover instead from the day, rolling around, according to a DAK-study, four out of five workers regularly restlessly in the bed. Remedy now wants to create the American military blogger Sharon Ackermann – with a Trick to have US soldiers in the Second world war, the fall Asleep easier.

Relax from face to feet

To work the Trick, not only at home in bed, but almost everywhere. Because the decisive factor is the sleeping position, but the face is not. It was the epicenter of our emotions, explained the military expert: “he Who relaxes his face, signaled to the rest of the body to relax.” So: Close the eyes and relax their jaw muscles, your tongue and your mouth.

You go step by step with your body: consciously Relax your shoulders and your neck, then the arms and hands. The expert explains: the upper body, once limp, they are asleep to speak, almost. Next, the legs. You can relax your right thigh, then the calf and foot. You make then the Same with your left side.

Finally, the thoughts carousel stop

Now expert are missing, according to the military-only a step, to fall asleep: bring your own thoughts carousel to a standstill: “imagine, you lie on a comfortable Couch in a completely dark room. Hold on this image for ten seconds mentally. This does not work, say the words, “Not thinking, not thinking,” again and again.” This technique requires a little Practice, but after six weeks, 96 percent of the users should be able to fall asleep within two minutes.

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