You want to build muscle! Then don’t get these foods

Abs are made in the kitchen! There is a lot of Truth to it, because you can eat your crunchy Training quite quickly broken by you put the wrong things on your plate.

You want to build muscle? Then this stuff:

1. Light Drinks

It sounds appealing: no sugar, no calories, maximum taste. But it is precisely in this Detail the devil is. Thus, the Light-tasting drinks, but so delicious, you are pumped full of sweeteners, flavors, dyes and other synthetic additives.

This confuses your body. The sweet taste signals your body: "Attention, here Energie&quot comes;. Although this is not the case, skyrocketing your insulin levels to fall and then to leave empty-handed in the basement.

Frequent follow cravings, which lead, in the long term, that you take more calories you are. And as long as your hard-earned muscles hide under a stubborn layer of fat, you’ll even after the hardest Workout, not see the success.

2. Finished products

The Same is also true for finished products. When strength training, you should make sure to eat functionally, by paying attention to your calorie intake, the nutritional values and your personal needs.

The finished products is hardly possible, since these full of unhealthy fats, sugar, flavor enhancers and empty calories. Our tip: make your meals from unprocessed worked in food and seasoning sparingly.

Access high-quality proteins such as cottage cheese, eggs, or poultry before you completely übersüßte sugar shakes pure pull, which usually not only more calories but also less protein as the most natural sources of protein.

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3. Alcohol

He is and remains the enemy while losing weight and building muscle. Beer, wine, and co. don’t have very many calories, but slow your fat metabolism.

Add to that regular alcohol consumption affects your hormone levels, which can even lead to the muscle growth is inhibited. In addition, your body requires a lot of energy to the alcohol to reduce the.

This energy is missing you at the next Training.

4. Isotonic Drinks

Iso-Drinks are often marketed as sports drinks. But not for every athlete and calories are rich source of energy suitable. Who wants to primarily build muscle, you need guaranteed no Isodrinks, since the strength of the electrolyte storage will not be claimed, as compared to the endurance sports.

During the strength training, you should drink only water. Milk and protein drinks are also not at all to the water storage tank to replenish.

5. Candy

Unfortunately, sweets are full of sugar and fat, only food for your Belly and not for your six pack Abs, because the muscles can start with this kind of energy only a little.

In addition, simple carbohydrates are digested quickly. Your blood sugar levels soaring, only to fall rapidly again in the basement. Thus, your desire for Sweet is not eaten then guaranteed and your stomach quickly.

Silence your Hunger for Sweets prefer fruit in combination with protein-rich milk products such as Quark or cottage cheese. Best treat yourself to this Snack before the workout.

So, you have the full Power of the carbohydrates of the fruit, to give to the dumbbells everything.

6. Wheat flour

Your muscles to love you should on wheat flour and prefer whole-grain products. The high glycemic Index of wheat products is driving your blood sugar levels, also for a short moment, so as not to fall short again in the basement.

This is due to the short chain, easily digestible carbohydrates that provide quick energy, but your body sustained with energy supply.

Since your muscles need a permanent feed, you should be on the fiber-rich variations such as brown rice, wholemeal pasta or brown bread.

Mareike Kalbitz

*The post “you want to build muscle? Then let the Finger of this food” comes from FitForFun. There is no editorial review by FOCUS Online. Contact with the executives here.