You got back? Three simple Tricks to liberate you immediately from pain – Video

Localised pain, or a General pressure? Back any pain is well known. The reasons for this can sit be varied: in the office all day, improper posture when Standing or too little exercise. FOCUS-Online expert Dietrich Grönemeyer explained, how to get rid of you.

Often, we push back pain to the intervertebral discs. The cause is often at the joints. This can cause, for example, ignite and back pain. If the pain is more than twelve weeks of stopping, experts speak of chronic pain.

To such a disease and the joints and vertebrae to protect it, in recommends Dietrich Grönemeyer Sport. His Motto is: “Turne up to the ballot box”.

This also helps with back pain

If movement does not solve the Problem, it can also help heat. Massage or acupuncture can specifically act against back pain. If these treatments are unsuccessful, advises Grönemeyer to the micro therapy. Here an expert can combat the pain, specifically using a thin probe.

In any case, you should find out what type of back pain you have and where the pain comes from. It can be easier to treat him effectively.

Dietrich Grönemeyer is a physician, scientist and best-selling author (“home book of health” and “My back book”). On the Campus of the Ruhr-University of Bochum, he founded the Grönemeyer Institute for micro therapy. The doctor with a heart and soul also for the synthesis of high-tech medicine and natural healing. Grönemeyer is Prof. em. of the Department for radiology and microtherapy University of Witten/Herdecke.