Worst fears come true: Corona-the case for Anti-racism Demo in Australia

In many cities around the world, thousands of people gathered at the weekend to demonstrate against racism, discrimination and police violence – despite the danger posed by the Coronavirus. In Melbourne, Australia Lives Matter “Demonstration has been reported after a”Black a infection case. The authorities believe that the man was infected at the time of the Demonstration already.


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In the protests in Melbourne, 10,000 people took part in total. Are allowed in the state of Victoria actually only gatherings of 20 persons. The health authorities fear that the man at the event, more people have been infected, and the Demonstration could be a super-spreading Event. “So our worst fears are true,” said Australia’s Minister of the interior Peter Dutton to the radio station 2GB in Sydney. “Now we could get into a second wave as other countries.”

Mask is not a one hundred percent Coronavirus-protection

The man is said to have worn during the Demonstration, a mask, and only 24 hours after symptoms of Covid-19 have shown. Due to the short time span between the Demonstration and the symptoms, the health authorities are, however, sure that he was already infected with the protests, and it’s contagious. The Minister of health of the Federal state of Victoria, Brett Sutton announced.

“Of course it is helpful that the Person has worn a mask, but masks are not a hundred percent protection,” said Sutton. He called on all participants in the Demonstration, to voluntarily go into quarantine, should they develop symptoms. People who were 15 minutes long in close contact with the Person should be isolated also.

Man had not installed Corona App tracking contacts difficult

The tracking of the contacts of the Infected is, however, difficult. Apparently, the man had not installed the Corona-Tracing App, which is in Australia, on his Smartphone. The App should display, if someone has unknowingly stopped in the vicinity of an infected, unknown Person. So it could be “impossible” to identify the contacts, said Sutton.

Three of the organizers of the Demonstration have to pay a fine of more than 1600 Australian dollars (about 970 Euro), reported ABC News. Politicians had not appealed in the run-up to the event to participate of caution in mind. Meriki Onus, one of the organisers, told ABC that there have been Hygiene: “But we also care about the existing Problem that people are dying in the hands of a racist system.”

In Australia, there has been just under 7300 Coronavirus cases and 102 deaths. The number of daily new infections in the moves for weeks in single-digit or low double-digit range.

Sources: ABC News / ABC News / “Sydney Morning Herald”

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