Woman suffers blood poisoning, is the fault of your shoes

The Briton Gemma Downey, 23, has lost because of their uncomfortable High Heels almost to her leg. It started innocently with a blister on your foot, such as, among other things, the Daily Mail reported. First, a small wound developed from the bladder. But then this was always bigger and changed color. Downey also got terrible pain, so she finally went to see a doctor. The doctor did not send you but first of all, back home, said Downey of the British media.

As she threw up the next Morning and the skin blue, discolored, rushed the young Brit in a hospital. There was, finally, diagnosed with blood poisoning. “I have had complaints of pain all over the body, pain in the chest and breathing. I knew something was wrong altogether,” she said, looking back. It had not yet arrived, and just in time to the hospital, explained to her the Doctors Reports. A short time later, the blood could have been poisoning, therefore, spread. Downey was so lucky, in the meantime, the 23-Year-old is on the mend.

In spite of blood poisoning continues to be High Heels

On High Heels, do without, don’t want to Gemma, in the future, however. Nevertheless, it is important that women are aware of the danger and your instinct trust, so Gemma to the “Daily Mail”.

Source: Daily Mail

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