Why Merkel’s cardiovascular strike and how to self-lack of water in the heat avoids

Relentlessly the sun is beating down on Tuesday at the red carpet in front of the Chancellery. 30 degrees, and more to show the Thermometer to the lunch time. It is one of the hottest days of the year in the Federal capital. German Chancellor Angela Merkel is in a soft pink Blazer, with the typical folded hands, in addition to the new Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Selenski. Seconds after the Bundeswehr-the German national anthem, the attached chapel, the head of government, apparently, weak in the knees. First of all, the legs begin to twitch, then the torso and the shoulders of the 64 trembles-Year-old in an uncontrolled manner. You can short the arms dangle. Merkel is pale, pressed together lips. After 20 seconds it starts. As she leaves the podium to the side of your guest in the direction of the Chancellery, is it visibly better.

Doctors suspected short-term circulatory problem

At the press conference after the lunch, Merkel is smiling relaxes the incident and sovereign way. “I have now been drinking at least three glasses of water. This has apparently been missing,” she explains to the journalists. Being able to hold back the Tremor to a lack of fluid, says Alexander Schultze, Deputy head of the emergency Department at University hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf. “It is in this weather is not atypical.” Also Merkel’s statement holds Schultze, if even remotely plausible. That is quite an indication that it was a short circuit problem, said the doctors of the German press Agency.

Merkel was shaking because your blood dropped pressure

Heat and dehydration are a dangerous combination. Especially in older people, blood pressure drops in the hot summer days are enormous, because the blood wide blood vessels so that you can dissipate the heat better. May was also the case for Angela Merkel as. Her body jerked, he contracted to have the necessary blood pressure is maintained and the circulation boost. That is why the Chancellor’s whole body was shaking. Merkel would have been able to prevent it. As a preventive measure, doctors recommend to drink especially on hot days, regular mineral water and fruit juice spritzers.

Up to one and a half liters of water for the balance

As a rule of thumb, 30 to 35 milliliters of fluid per kilogram of body weight, the following applies:. Wherein the solid food absorbed liquid was taken into account. At a body weight of 70 kg, the organism needs to be about 2.3 liters of water per day. Just under half of which he gets by the oxidation water produced in the combustion of fatty acids and glucose, and the solid food contained water. The daily requirement to compensate, you must drink it between one and 1.5 liters. That’s the equivalent of about five to seven small glasses. On hot days and during physical work or sports it may be more.

Dehydration: especially seniors, are at risk

To dehydrate the risk increases with age. In particular, seniors living in nursing homes, often drink too little. Here is at risk, according to an analysis by the health authority of Bremen every second resident. The reason is that In old age the sensation of thirst is reduced significantly because of aging of the sensory cells perceive the Thirst and suppress. In addition, more fluid is excreted because the kidney is working at full speed. Speaking Of Thirst. The waiting is a bad idea, because when the Signal comes, these are the first signs that the body dries out.

5 tips to avoid Dehydration

The German weather service warns of UV rays

After the summer of 2019 is more likely to come slowly, are the Germans just in time for the sun a few very hot days before turning. On Wednesday, the German weather service warned of increased UV-intensity. If possible between 11 am and 15 PM long stays Outdoors should be avoided. The experts also recommend for shady places, a sun-proof shell, long pants, sunglasses and a breitkrempligen hat. If you have sun cream and a bottle of water in your Luggage, you are on the safe side.

Sources: REUTERS, the health authority in Bremen, health insurance company techniker Krankenkasse, a German weather service