Weight vest help you lose weight?

Swedish scientists have obese persons for three weeks with Weights, weighted vests. This led to a reduction in fat mass, without a removal of muscles was observed. The researchers believe that a kind of "built-in Personenwaage" trick, which ensures that body weight and fat mass remain constant.

With Weights loaded West, the body weight can reduce. The researchers from Gothenburg have found a clinical study of 69 obese subjects (BMI between 30 and 35). The participants wore the vests for three weeks, eight hours a day and not changed their habits otherwise. Persons whose vests were loaded with a kg, had decreased after this time, 300 grams. Who carried around, however, eleven kilograms extra, and had lost an average of 1.6 kilograms of body weight.

The heavier the vest, the größhe is the success

"The impact of this short experiment on the fat mass exceeded the values that are normally observed after various forms of physical training. We find it also very interesting that the treatment with the heavier West and reduces the fat mass and the muscle mass erhält", noted Professor Claes Ohlsson from the Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg.

On the basis of previously performed animal experiments, the researchers assume that the body has a control system through which the body weight is kept constant. You have it "Gravitostat" called and did not believe that it works when you are Sitting correctly. This could explain, in your opinion, why prolonged Sitting is strongly associated with obesity. The solution could be, in your opinion, the weight of the West, the pounds off.