Watch a Dating Coach Guess Which of These People Have Slept Together

Do you think in a group of 10 people you’ve never met, you could guess who’s had sex with one another? That was the entire premise of The Cut‘s most recent YouTube video.

Cora Boyd, who describes herself as a dating and relationship coach specifically for men, pairs up strangers at random, asks them a few questions, and eventually pairs together who she thinks is sleeping with whom.

When asked if she thinks she’d be good at matching up couples, Boyd replies, “I think I might be surprised. I don’t know. I want to be surprised.”

Then, after calling on two people, she asks them a few questions to see how they interact.

“Will you hit on each other?” Boyd asks the first couple.

The woman in the pair then says jokingly, “You are fine as hell,” to which Boyd replies, “I don’t think they are sleeping together because that was very uncomfortable.”

After finally pairing the first couple together, Boyd explains, “I think there’s a lot in attraction [where] we perceive these things even if we don’t know we are.”

The men’s relationship coach then proceeds to guess the other four couples, including one same-sex couple, before learning how many couples she guessed correctly.

“Attraction is so mysterious. It doesn’t always make sense, but I think you can see when people have a magnetism to each other, if you look,” Boyd concludes.

Watch the full 7-minute video clip below.

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