The first effective migraine antibody

The first antibodies to migraine was admitted in the middle of last year in the EU. The drug shows a very good effect, especially in patients in which other therapies did not help: their number of days with headaches was cut in half by the antibody, at least.

The Institute for quality and efficiency in health care (IQWiG) has confirmed that use of the drug is now considerable addition: In a clinical study, it resulted in 193 patients who had four to fourteen days per month in migraine, in contrast to a Placebo to at least a halving of days with headache and number of migraine attacks. The patients felt by the administration of the anti body as a whole and in its activity is less affected. In all patients, previously two to four other therapies had failed for the prevention of migraine.

The antibody is directed against a messenger, of the for a Long time already it is known that he is significantly involved in the pathogenesis of migraine. For a long time, it was not able to find a drug that turns off the messenger substance without severe side effects.

The drug is injected once a month under the skin. Is approved the anti-body for episodic migraines, so for people who suffer for up to 14 days per month of headaches. A migraine on 15 or more days is considered chronic. The IQWiG does not include a Benefit for these patients.


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