The cat wants to kill me

Until he is 14, and falls on the Boy, especially by his extraordinary intelligence. He attends a school for gifted children, and participates in national geography and history betting part apply, plays a main role in the school theatre. Sports he drives.

Then, on 15. October 2015, the Boy suddenly experienced severe mental health problems. He feels confused, overwhelmed, depressed and restless. On demand of the 14-Year-old explained that he was a fucking son of the devil, and the wool take the life out of fear of himself. Him the thought of murder is to torture all of a sudden. In his imagination, he kills people that care about him.

The parents bring the boy to an emergency room, the Doctors there treat him with Aripiprazole, a proven agent for the treatment of schizophrenia. A week later, the doctors released the boy. The 14-Year-old is upset still, but at least no suicide or thoughts of suicide.

Bullying: school exchange with nine

In search of the cause of the problems the Doctors talk to the parents. In the families of mental illness are widely used. The Boy suffered nine times already in a depressive Phase when he was in the school. In addition, he was bullied by classmates because he was intelligent, social but awkward, to report the parents.

The problems disappeared at that time, as the Boy moved to the smaller school for gifted children. In Parallel, Doctors treated him with an antidepressant. After a year, they were able to stop using the medicine again, write to the doctors in the “Journal of Central Nervous System Disease”.

But this Time the boy’s state worsened after a few weeks. He suffers from irrational Fears, developed hallucinations and unpredictable outbursts of anger. Delusions dominate his thoughts. He possessed special powers, declared the 14-Year-old. A family cat he also insinuated that she wanted to kill him. He also refuses to leave the house. The parents need to take him out of the school.

Outbursts of anger, irrational Fears

Actually, the Boy leads a very natural life. He lives in a rural area of the USA, to garden like Hiking. In addition, the family hosts a small Zoo. She has several cats, a dog, a Gecko and a African giant millipede.

To be able to better to their son care, announces the mother two months after the beginning of the disease, their Job. In the following weeks, the Doctors are trying to get the problems with various drugs under control. They prescribe for the young antidepressants, benzodiazepines, antipsychotics, often in combination. But his problems remain.

More than half a year after the first delusions of the parents bring the boy again to the hospital, where he spends a total of eleven weeks. On the search for the causes of the problems, the Doctors scan the brain of the young, observe the bodies, the communication of its nerve cells and search for it in blood after anti. However, none of the Tests fails.

Suddenly, streaks on the skin

When her son returns home, the parents that redness coating his skin, the look, such as pregnancy or stretch marks.

Photos of skin lesions on the thigh (A) and in the crook of the arm (B)

Only weeks later, the stripes bring a physician to the crucial idea. The redness is not run like typical stretch marks where the skin is under tension. You have legs, instead, on the upper and in the armpit formed caves. Also, the color is unusual.

Instead of a growth spurt or weight fluctuations indicate, are the stripes typical of another very rare disease: a neuro-bartonellosis, the bacteria affect the nervous. The pathogens (Bartonella Henselae) can be transmitted by bites and Scratching by cats. The diagnosis fits to the experiences of the young. Before the problems started, had attacked him two of the family adopted strays.

Balance: of 27 different drugs in two years

The Doctors prescribe for the young is an antibiotic. Nevertheless, traces of the bacteria in the blood of the young are to be found two months later. With four other antibiotics, the treatment fails, finally. The mental problems disappear, even the strips of skin back to form. The Doctors can deduct the neurological medication. More than a year and a half later, no bacteria-traces are to be found in his body.

After a long Pause, the now 16-Year-old can return to his school, where he quickly reaches again the best performance. His next testimony is full of ones. Otherwise, he takes back all the activities that he has before the disease is maintained, meets with peers and works on the side as a waiter. Your child was completely healthy, reports the parent.

The balance sheet: Since the first murder, thoughts are passed this time, nearly two years, in which the Young of 27 different drugs. Alone until the discovery of the bacteria, the medical costs exceeded 400,000 US dollars.

Cat scratch wash

Infections with Bartonella Henselae are treacherous. Even if you reach like the boy in the bloodstream, the typical signs of a bacterial disease. Add to that the neurological course of the disease, little is known because very few cases are described. The Boy has developed such strong problems could be related to a genetic predisposition, speculate doctors.

Usually, the bacteria result in diseases only if they meet a weakened immune system. Then it mostly comes to the significantly lighter over the course of the so-called cat scratch disease, which is associated with skin problems and swollen lymph nodes, and often without antibiotics subsides.

Derived from the numbers of cases in the United States would have in Germany every year, around 1500 to 2000 people with cat scratch disease develop, wrote the Robert Koch Institute in 2003, in a report. Will be detected the infection, but only rarely. To protect themselves, advises the US health authority CDC, scratch wounds from cats with soap and water to wash out.