Stiftung Warentest advises against the use of combination preparations

Cold only need one thing: patience. About seven days it usually takes, to cough, runny nose and sore throat disappear. Because so far, no drug can change something – especially medical progress, in Spite of. What works, however, is to relieve the discomfort with drugs and something to make the time more bearable.

For the current issue Foundation has seen were test trials, to Cold remedies and recommendations developed. Anyone who has a cold, should be treated accordingly, symptoms such as fever, cough and stuffy nose individually and in combination preparations, are composed of several active ingredients. “Drug cocktails, such as in Wick MediNait or Grippostad C strain the body unnecessarily”, – stated in the test report.

In addition, the compositions contain according to the report, often a mucous membrane decongestant active ingredients that make tired, and lead to heart palpitations. Much better is to numb the mucous membranes in a stuffy nose with a Spray. Since the active ingredient is active only locally, he was friendly, write the Tester.

Another piece of advice: in the case of medicines, it is worthwhile to compare prices. Often there is besides the well-known brand products agents with the same active ingredients, half the cost. While Cold will have to pay according to the report, for example, for a pack of ACC Acute seven euros, there is the equivalent of coughing solver of 1A Pharma and AL Acute for almost three euros.

What helps with what?

Well documented is the Stiftung Warentest, the effect of pain pills with the usual drugs (Ibuprofen, acetylsalicylic acid and Paracetamol) for pain and fever. Vitamin C supplements are from a medical point of view, however, does not make sense, says the report. It is important not to exceed the dosage recommendations. This reduces the risk for side effects.

1. Wash your hands frequently. Water and normal soap is not enough, the special anti-bacterial soap is not necessary.

2. The hands from the face. You have touched a Virus contaminated object, is the risk to infect yourself if you touch the nose or the mouth.

3. During the Flu epidemic to keep distance to other persons in close contact to avoid. This also includes to give the other the Hand, to kiss or to hug.

Also well documented is the Use of decongestant nasal sprays for rhinitis. Due to the risk that the mucous membranes get used to the effect and addiction, should not be applied to the funds for longer than seven days. It is estimated that around 100,000 people in Germany suffer from Addiction have a nose spray.

In the case of slight neck pain, advises Stiftung Warentest to Emser salt lozenges. With stronger neck discomfort, you could use local anesthetic agents, their effect has not yet been demonstrated, however, is sufficient with studies, criticize the auditors.

Who among cough is suffering, should the funds on the Phase, vote: In the case of dry cough help cough suppressants. As soon as you start, mucus abzuhusten, expectorant, the drug of choice. However, it was also demonstrated here is the effect so far is sufficient, says the report of the Stiftung Warentest. Users should expect the most supportive effects.

Apart from the Placebo effect are not effective homeopathic remedies. The money for the beads and some Juice can save Cold, or in tea, soup or hot water bottle to invest. This can also do not healthy, but can embellish at least a little further in time, until the cold disappears.

To the doctor people with Cold symptoms should go, if you are developing for days, a fever of more than 39 degrees Celsius. This is a warning sign that a bacterial infection is behind it, which can lead to nasal sinuses, tonsils and lung inflammation. Then, and only then, is the taking of antibiotic useful. In the case of virus-induced colds, the means are ineffective.