Spahn pushes for a ban on “therapies” against homosexuality

Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU) sees good opportunities to ban Conversion therapy to “reverse” homosexual quickly. “Conversion therapies make you ill and are not healthy,” said Spahn in Berlin. He aim for now swift talks with the Federal Ministry of justice.

The objective is to bring this year a draft law for a ban on the way. Spahn had used in the spring, a 46-member Commission of experts on the topic. This comes together with two scientific opinions to the conclusion that a ban from a medical point of view and from a legal point of view, is possible.

“The Commission and the experts have shown that good solution approaches, as we a ban on these therapies can rules,” commented Spahn of the intermediate state. “On this basis, we will go to the Ministry of justice to decide quickly how and what we implement in Germany.”

Negative consequences up to suicide

In one of the two opinions sexologist Peer Briken from UKE Hamburg writes that there is neither a sociological, nor psychological or medical evidence that homosexuality is a disorder or even disease. For this reason, there is no reason to treat you.

In addition, evidence does not exist that the sexual orientation of the alleged therapies, ever permanently change. Significantly better the possible negative consequences of the “therapies are used”, they range from depression on suicidality to sexual problems.

Other scientists assume, that conversion therapies can destroy life. To strengthen “instead of the patient in his or her homosexual identity, you destroy his self-image,” said Lieselotte Mahler, a senior physician at the clinic for psychiatry and psychotherapy of the Charité (read more about it here at MIRROR Plus).

Germany: thousands of cases per year

In Germany, it had to be assumed by Thousands of cases per year, in which one tries to gay people by questionable methods to re-educate, explained Jörg Litwin Shoe-Barthel of the Magnus Hirschfeld Foundation, which accompanies the Commission technically. The Attempts ranged from the family environment, the Coaches, and therapists about prayers to exorcism.

In the case of a Concerned about the change in their homosexuality in the course of a psychotherapy, it was after a year will suddenly become a goal of therapy. The “therapist” tried according to a communication of the Federal Ministry of health, among other things, with light therapy and indoktri conversations to influence the sexual orientation of the woman’s kidney. As you suggested, in addition, an electro-shock treatment, ended the “therapy”.

Recently had spoken in the provinces for a ban on conversion therapies. The Federal Council had requested in mid-may, in a resolution, the Federal government, to consider the legal requirements.