So you learn to understand your body

Pain-to-one CoachingSo you learn your body to understand

MIRROR KNOW has developed an eight-week Coaching for people with chronic pain, you can learn to understand your pain better and more competent to deal with them. This is the second part. The other parts can you find in the following weeks.

In the Hit “day at sea” from the Fantastic Four, it says at one point: “This body is your house and you know that.” But if you sing along these lines regardless, the question remains: Is our body really a house, in which we are familiar?

Many people have a relationship to your body, nurture him, try to give him enough sleep, and healthy diet or question on a regular basis, how you are physically. But sometimes the relationship between the person and the body is patchy and fragile. This should be a reason to Act. Especially for people with chronic pain, it is important to stand with your own body in close contact.

Even if the statement is true for people who are practical, may initially sound a little strange: A kind of inner dialogue can strengthen the connection between person and body, and sustainability. In the Following, two simple and effective Exercises will be presented, with which you can communicate with your body can improve. Choose the Exercise that suits you more. If you want, you can try both.

For Beginners: Body-Check. Take five minutes of your time. You sit on a chair, close the eyes and breathe quietly in the belly. They will send to your attention a couple of breaths in a body – and then switch. You can focus for example only on your feet and toes, then your calves, thighs, Buttocks, back, abdomen, arms and so on, until you have gone through the whole body.

It is important that you change nothing, but simply perceive how you are at that point just about “Here I am tense” or “Here is my pain” or “My arms feel good”.

Once you have gone through the body, continue to breathe, feel how you feel now, and then open the eyes. This Exercise in mindfulness meditation, Body Scan, and is practiced often 20 minutes or longer. This is for the beginning to difficult – remain calm for five minutes.

Already this is more time than many people give your body a whole day of attention. If you repeat this Exercise on three days this week, learn to listen a little better to your body and recognize its signals.

For the Advanced: A conversation. The exchange with the body and its needs is an important aspect to manage the pain that has become chronic. Therefore, practise this week, to ask your body, more specifically, how he is and what he needs. Often about a body that provides such questions, answers that he wants to rest. Or that he wants to move.

You are trying to meet the needs of your body in a timely manner – at least three days this week. This is not to say that you do in the office, immediately taking a NAP or popping up and out in the fresh air. But you take your body’s needs seriously, give him a thorough answer, such as “Now I’m working, but afterwards we go for a walk”.

These short conversations are an important connection to the body, you can bring insights and answers to the questions of what a pain body is good for.

They reflect the end of the week once again, as the Exercises on you and your body have worked: Has changed in your body feel something? In the case of the pain? Have you noticed if the pain begin? You could have a better understanding of what the body wants? Do you like the proposals that come from the body – or rather not?

Important: Try in the next few weeks, with the body of the dialog or the body check to continue working. Even-and perhaps especially if you find the silly and alienating, it can be good for, is the ability to do a bit of expanding.

To each output LEVEL of KNOWLEDGE a practical, easy to implement Online Coaching suitable to its respective folder theme.

Each Coaching session lasts eight weeks. During this time, you will always receive on Friday by E-Mail a exercise unit that can help you to make your life better. Here is the Newsletter:

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