So the first Coronavirus Patient experienced in Germany, the disease and quarantine

Calmly, almost deeply relaxed, the voice sounds on the line. It is the voice of the “Patient 1”, the first known Coronavirus patients in Bavaria and all of Germany, the told in telephone conversation with the radio station Bayern 1 his story is. Between his infection and discharge from the hospital three weeks almost, “a shock” and a “very, very boring everyday life” in quarantine, he says.

At the end of January of the Webasto-employee who wants to remain anonymous, had been infected with Sars-CoV-2. A total of 14 Corona cases in the free state were in connection with the stock dorfer car suppliers (read more here). A Chinese colleague had introduced the pathogen in the case of a service trip. It had infected some people, some infected members.

“I’m super health,” he says now, “I’m really in shape”. Actually, it had been to him also “never bad”. He would like to, if possible, describe the lens of his experience, he says. The reporting of many media on the subject has not met this criterion, his or her impression. “And a radio interview is, of course, predestined for it.”

… about the infection

Some of the circumstances, his whereabouts and the exact reason that he could not speak. “What can I say: We were in a room. He was no more than six square feet in size. We were there a total of four. We talked for an hour about. It’s a short hands were shaking,” he says Bayern 1. “Any disease symptoms,” his colleague were not aware of it.

… about the first symptoms

Only a few days after the Meeting, he had become sick. “The Meeting was on Monday and on Friday it went off then. I had to scratch the Neck, I thought, however, that this is this time of year is quite normal,” he says. At the weekend, cough, fever (39 degrees), chills, and “a little” pain in the limbs were still to come. After taking a Paracetamol, the symptoms have subsided, however. “I felt on Monday and then fit enough to go back to work.”

… about the diagnosis

On that Monday he came to know that in the case of the colleague, with whom he had contact, the Coronavirus had been detected. “Afterwards I went immediately to my doctor who has referred me to the tropical Institute.” There is a Test revealed that he was also infected. “Of course, it was a shock, because I didn’t expect this at all.” Until then, you knew the Virus only from the news.

The outbreak of the disease

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He should go “to a house” in Munich-Schwabing, apparently, he thinks the Munich, clinic Schwabing, and had been a nurse receive. “It was also clarified of the Situation, didn’t panic. You took me in then simply, my data is listed and to take me to the room,” he says Bayern 1. “There was then measured again my fever. But I have had no fever. Then blood was removed and a few other concessions. But basically I was put in this room and was felt to be healthy.”

The Situation was occurred “surreal”: “Why must I be the only Patient or the only Person in Germany who has this Virus? I felt also completely healthy.”

… about the quarantine

“It was a very, very boring everyday life,” he says. He had a single room, and “no change”. Fever measure (“what was always negative”), smears give (“from the nose and from the throat”), Breakfast, work (“I had lunch, my Laptop”),, “then you looked maybe a series,” dinner “, and at some point you have to sleep”. And the 18 days. In addition to his family, he was, via video call in the contact remained, he had the most “freedom. Go for a walk. To meet with people in Public” is missing.

… about the dismissal

At the Moment of his release, he could recall “very carefully”. It’s a Friday night, “after the discharge criteria are in writing in the record.” Also his colleagues from Webasto, which were also treated in the hospital because of the Coronavirus, would have repelled the Virus “completely”. You would however, need to stay there, because the discharge criteria have not yet been determined. “And this has also caused a very high mental pressure for us,” he says Bayern 1, “because we never had a perspective.” They had been healthy, “we were more or less trapped in this prison and we had to wait until the Ministry decides to write changes the criteria by which we can be dismissed.”

… on the pads then

He was at home again, working but not yet in the company’s headquarters, “because I’m from the health Department not all of the requirements to a hundred percent.” The Doctors had told him, “that I am completely healthy and other people can not be infected by coughing.” He should remain at home until “the last piece of DNA to be” freed from the Virus.


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“I’m tested regularly, until you really shown that the last spark of this Virus is gone. This is not to say, however, that the Coronavirus is, in some way, still active. Looking now to the DNA. But this is sort of a dead DNA,” he says Bayern 1. “I’m home, I can go out normally. I can’t just go in the work.”

… about the reactions

“The worst of it are the reactions. It is the reproduction of information, this false information is passed on,” he says. So it had been about an article about a “completely fabricated conversation between me and my wife”. Also for uncertainty, some of the reports would be taken care of.

… about dealing with the Coronavirus

“I would stay all rates to be quiet.”, he says Bayern 1. It’s a new Virus is not, however, as bad as the flu. “So this is really a type of cold.” Bad, however, was that it would be stamped after the detection of an infection””. “One must simply accept.”

If you have no pre-existing conditions, it would not be too bad. “But if you have a pre-existing condition and, for example, gets the flu, then the lot will be much more serious. That’s why I would advise all first, If you have it, then stay calm. If you don’t own it, you can against the flu should be vaccinated.”

Source: Bayern 1

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