Remove under-eye circles: So, get rid of the dark shadows under the eyes

Dark circles occur when we are tired, stressed, and tired. They are a visible sign that the body needs relaxation. But there are also people who have Stress or lack of sleep, dark shadows under the eyes. You can read here, how you under-eye circles can remove and prevents their development.

What is the cause of dark eye rings?

Under-eye circles by a dark shadow under the eyes is noticeable. In General, the game is changed under the eyes slightly sunken, or the skin color in this area. In addition, the delicate tissue under the eyes tends to be swelling more. Eyes rings show up especially in the morning after getting Up. This is because during sleep the lymphatic flow is throttled and the liquid is removed under the skin is slower. So collects in the tissue fluid is increasingly under the eyes. If the blood vessels are dilated under the delicate skin, then you can appear dark under the skin. You perceive this effect as under-eye circles. Some people tend more to dark circles than others. What is the reason for this, is not medically cleared. The skin under the eyes is the thinnest skin on the entire body and therefore very sensitive. In particular, in the age the skin becomes thinner and the blood seem vessels more.

Diseases can also promote dark under-eye circles. This includes diseases of the heart, kidneys, blood vessels, or the liver count. Heart and blood diseases, for example, affect the oxygen content of the blood and tissues and thus a lack of oxygen in eyes may cause rings. Inflammatory skin diseases with itching favour, however, of Pigment and color changes in the thin skin under the eyes. Due to frequent Scratching damage to the skin may occur and swelling. Eye bags are often associated with dark rings around the eyes and are caused by a complex and age-associated tissue weakness of the lower eyelid. This fat penetrates the tissue and fills the soft skin bags below the eyes. A good skin care and healthy way of life can, therefore, be preventive to be effective.

Remove under-eye circles: Five tips

There are to remove the different ways of under-eye circles and eliminate their production.

1. Healthy Life Style

Nicotine, alcohol, and UV radiation have a negative effect on the skin and can lead to premature skin aging. You move regularly, eat healthy, and avoid nicotine, alcohol, and UV radiation. You wear every day cream with sun protection on the skin, so they protect the skin, especially effective. Sun Gel has a pleasantly light Texture and is ideal for daily use.

2. Soothing Cool

Cold may reduce swelling and rings around the eyes. The easiest way you can cool your eyes by wearing a reusable cooling mask. Thus hands stay free and you can just relax in the Loungers.

3. The right care

The skin under the eyes is particularly sensitive and thin, therefore she needs proper care. A lipid-nourishes eye cream with sufficient moisture and protects the delicate skin around the eyes is best. A tap the eye cream lightly with the middle finger in the skin, without exerting too much pressure.

4. Stimulating Facial Massage

During sleep, the tissue is removed the liquid is slower and the lymphatic flow is throttled. So it may cause swelling especially in the Morning and the dark rings under the eyes. A facial massage can be an effective means of, and the subsidence of the swelling support for Massage, Jade is scooter is ideal.

5. Cosmetics helps in the short term

Dark circles are not always immediately remove. Some dark shadows are stubborn. Who needs a fast remedy may makeup eye circles, also in the short run. A liquid Concealer that covers the lower eye area and a deck Make-up can help. Make sure the Concealer to the fact that he is two shades lighter than the used Makeup, because fair skin surfaces recede visually and look inconspicuous.

Remove under-eye circles: men are Also affected by the dark shadows under the eyes

What are the home remedies to help against dark circles?

Creams, Concealer and co. help, but effective home remedies can complement the skin care. The advantage of natural resources are directly at Hand and can immediately implement.

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