Rarely, it is cancer: expert explains, making testicular pain caused

Many men suffer from pain at some time in their life even under the Testicles. “Most of the men go relatively fast to the doctor”, says private lecturer Dr. Tobias Jäger. He is a urologist and andrologist, and the Executive Board of the German society for men and health. He also runs the Blog www.maennerarzt.com he writes about topics related to men’s health.

Not infrequently, men fear that the pain could be an indication that you have cancer. “Fortunately, a testicular tumor is relatively rare,” says the expert. Per year there are about 6000 to 7000 new cases. A testicular tumor is causing pain also rare. “As a rule of thumb you can remember: What hurts, not often is really bad,” says hunter.

Often it is not the testicles themselves, but their surroundings, pain?

It is often not the testicles themselves, the pain, but the epididymis, which are a kind of appendage to the testicle. “You can ignite,” says hunter. One reason for this may be, for example, germs that come from a urinary tract infection.

Such an inflammation is shown by a swelling and a dull pain. “Often, the area is reddened, and sometimes fever and chills are added,” says the andrologist. Well treat such an inflammation with an antibiotic.

In some cases, pain in the back radiate to the testicles

It also happens that the inflamed epididymis and thereby cause pain. “They are relatively sensitive to pressure,” says the expert. For some men, the wrong pants for sports or prolonged Sitting during a car ride, enough already. Irritation can diagnose. “You can be treated with anti-inflammatory Drugs,” says hunter.

Sometimes it is not the testis or epididymis, causing pain, even if it initially seems so. “I experience it is not uncommon that the pain actually come from the lumbar spine,” says hunter. From there, a nerve-strand runs in the direction of the testicles. Can help in such a case, physiotherapy.

A scrotal hernia may cause pain

In addition, a scrotal hernia can cause pain. It occurs mainly in children or in the elderly. Parts of the viscera migrate into the scrotum, so that, for example, intestinal loops there can be sagging.

A testicular rupture is often the result of a hernia operation, the remains are not rare first of all, unnoticed. A testicular rupture felt by many people immediately. He can make himself but by a feeling of pressure, noticeable. The symptoms are aggravated, moreover, when one sneezes, hard wearing or sports. With time, the scrotum swells up strongly, and it comes to pain. Some men feel really sick or that you have blood in the stool. Is treated with a scrotal hernia is usually with surgery, which can often be even minimally invasive.

Sometimes the testicle undergoes, in the meantime, to the top

Some men also notice that the testicle in particular Irritate to the top. In this phenomenon, one also speaks of a wall of a testicle or in the spherical testicles. The testicles are located in a normal position in the scrotum, but can be a hike in the Stimuli such as cold or of sexual arousal in the inguinal canal. In General, a pendulum is not testicles in need of treatment, if the testicles then slides back into the scrotum.

However, in the case of an undescended testicles, where the testes remain permanently at the top. “Boys, this isn’t so rare,” says hunter. On average one to three percent of boys are born with undescended testicles. If this is not back, he should be treated – otherwise the risk for testicular tumors and fertility problems increases over the long term.

This article was Berentzen written by Maria