Protests in Berlin: care in a state of emergency

You can see in the Video: protests in Berlin: “nursing in the state of exception”.

Protest at several locations in Berlin on Tuesday, the official “day of caring”. Critics of the Status Quo say that the care was in a state of emergency, and not just in the Corona. The Protest is aimed against what many nurses and nurses perceive as an ominous Interaction of Overloading and under-payment. Nurse Käte from the Berlin nursing says “stammtisch”, you would very much like to take care of more and better to your patients: O nurse KÄTE (WITHOUT MENTION OF the last NAME) FROM the BERLIN nursing stammtisch, is CURRENTLY WORKING ON the INTERNAL STATION (“Certainly, funding is a huge issue. I do not believe that simply the financing of the professions would have to be better, but the entire health care system should be financed. It is not patients should be charged according to the flat rates, but the hospitals and outpatient care units, the nursing homes are funded according to the work and so that they can make their work, not according to the quotas that you create. On the other hand, you have to change, of course, the training conditions. You have to make the training more attractive, more people want to come into the profession pure.”) In front of the Chancellery, the left party had called for the Protest, under the slogan: “Thank you, more content is called!”. The Left-Chairman Bernd Riexinger said: O-TON LEFT-CHAIRMAN BERND RIEXINGER (“We have long been a major health-care crisis. Be aware of is been bring about savings. There are more and more treatment cases, and always less care staff. And now, in the case of the Corona-crisis, the course is full. The healthcare system is hopelessly overloaded, and many operations are now back, although they would be urgently necessary. I think a lot of people have now realized that it was wrong to close so many hospitals, to privatize so many of the hospitals and the health-care crisis the virtues of saving.”) All the same, Employed in the care of the elderly should receive as compensation for a particular load by the Coronavirus-crisis tax and social tax free salary bonus of up to 1500 Euro. The Federal government approved on Wednesday, according to information from government circles is a proposal to the Federal Minister for health and for work.