Organ donation – Would you give your heart away?

Would you give your heart? This Organ that beats in all of us, even if we are only a few inches tall. It pumps in us, long before our brain is differentiated. It allows us to thrive. And it makes us wilt, if it be weak, and we are old.

No Organ carries so much symbolism. In this case, the heart is actually a muscle that runs again and again with a jerk together, and so every Minute four, five or six liters of blood through us flows.

The special thing about this muscle is it can be transplanted from one person to the next. As a liver, the kidney, the lung or the pancreas.

Organ donation: The path from donor to recipient

Of a year, the star researched this way from the donor to the receiver in detail to describe and the questions here, answer can. We have observed, as in the case of a woman’s brain death has been diagnosed, as in the case of a different woman, the organs are removed, such as two men’s hearts were transplanted. We saw how people were rescued, while others made it. It was a three-part series for the Print edition of the star, which from Thursday will appear.

Why we dedicate ourselves to this topic in such detail? Because it is in the current discussion of organ donation and the so-called contradiction solution opinions teeming, but many facts remain outside. Who determines that a person is dead? Who decides who gets which Organ? How does the collection in the OP? As the transplant?

The answers are important, because we could all be donors or recipients. Then, when a human bursts, for example a vein in the head and heavy bleeding triggers that the brain dies. Or if a seemingly harmless infection of inflammation, which spreads to the heart muscle and it difficult to damage. Then the man needs a new heart.

On the discussion of a difficult question to Dodge a lot like hovering. Donations or not?

Not a campaign for or against organ donation

The star-series is not a campaign for organ donation. And also not against it. The topic is too personal, too intimate. There is no universal right and no wrong decision.

To our editorial corridors, people running around, to be proud of that donation out of the way, and to donate to others who would never get the idea.

Much has been achieved, if the people decide at all. If we ensure that our families are not overwhelmed in the case of the cases, the question of the Doctors. If we stop to burden you much, in the Moment they are on our death bed.

In the first part of the series dedicated to the star of the sick who are in urgent need of an Organ wait. For a year, we have accompanied four people in need of a heart. You wait on the same hospital corridor. Harren. Ask yourself if you will survive, since the donor numbers are so low. We are in the process, if you are pushed in the OP. If your new heart is placed in your chest. If it fails the first Time. Experience, as the Doctors fight to you and your families to fear.

In the second part, we devote ourselves to the donors. We accompany a team of surgeons from Hannover, the one Night, leaving a woman who has just been declared brain dead. We will describe how the Doctors operate in the middle of the night the bodies out.

In the third part, experts argue about the Central issues of organ donation: What’s the argument for a contradiction is the solution, what about it? When ends life? There is a point at all?

All the people we have accompanied in this year, they share one desire: they want more people, the question is put, whether or not you want to donate. This star is supposed to contribute to the series.