One out of ten people has ndes

According to a new study, with participants from 35 countries, around ten percent of all people of near-death reports experiences. In the case of such experiences, which are not scientifically explainable, it comes to out-of-body sensations, hallucinations, racing thoughts, and time distortion.

Of 1,034 participants, 289 people have had near-death experiences. The most frequently cited sensations were abnormal perception of time (87 percent), exceptional speed of Thought (65 percent), exceptionally lively sense of the term (63 percent) and the feeling to be separated from the body (53 per cent).

These ndes did not occur in the rest of the humans, had found a life-threatening Situation such as a heart attack, car accident, Drowning or combat situations. Also people who were not directly in danger of death, reported such experiences.

The study participants with ndes described, for example, that you had felt in complete peace, her soul had been sucked in, angels sang, you were outside of your body that your life is in front of you to flash or you were in a dark Tunnel, before they reached a bright light. Around 55 per cent found the experience as life-threatening, 27 per cent described it as pleasant.

The researchers also found a connection between ndes and the so-called REM sleep, a stage of sleep in which we dream particularly vividly. They believe that the better understanding of the Transition from REM sleep to waking state will also improve the understanding of ndes.

The results of the study have been on the 5. Congress of the European Academy of neurology (EAN) by researchers from the universities in Copenhagen and Trondheim is presented. For the study, they were interviewed 1,034 persons from 35 countries online.