Obesity is soon more dangerous than Smoking?

In the UK, twice as many severely obese people, like smokers. The result is that Obesity causes certain types of cancer more diseases than Smoking. A British Organisation for cancer research and control &quot has;Cancer Research UK" go.

Almost a third of adults in the United Kingdom is obese. Although Smoking is still the most common preventable cause of Cancer in the country and a significantly higher disease risk than obesity, this is not true for all types of cancer: Obesity annually about 1,900 causes in the UK, more colorectal cancer cases than Smoking. The same is true for kidney cancer (annually 1,400 cases more by Obesity than by Smoking), ovarian cancer (460 cases) and liver cancer (180 cases more than by Smoking).

The Organisation Cancer Research UK launched a nationwide campaign to raise awareness of the connection between Obesity and cancer. Director Michelle Mitchell said: "We have reached a devastating record high for obesity in children, and now we urgently need government Intervention to stop the epidemic." Mitchell insists that the government is creating the conditions to halve the Rate of obesity in children by 2030, for example, by the restriction of advertising of unhealthy food and drinks.

Professor Linda Bauld, prevention expert from Cancer Research UK, explains: "The huge decline of Smoking over the years – also, thanks to the advertising and Smoking bans – shows that political regimes make a difference. This was necessary in order to combat the high Smoking rates, and now the Same is true for Obesity."


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