Norwegian dog disease in Germany? The danger of your

Bloody diarrhea, vomiting and in the worst case, even death after just a few hours. The symptoms and causes of the disease, which is already since the beginning of September in Norway grass. So far, the Norwegian food safety authority, which is investigating the cases of 42 dogs at the “Norwegian dog disease is” died, more than 170 sick animals were reported in the Scandinavian country, according to the. The star reported.

Now there was also in Germany, first suspected cases, as the star on request to the competent authorities confirmed has. At the end of October, therefore, in Boizenburg in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, three dogs were ill. All the animals died. The NDR had already reported at the end of October on these cases.

Veterinarian Katharina Wiener from Boizenburg, all dogs in treatment have had and the exceptional cases, finally, the local district administration reported, speaks to the star of a very atypical accumulation. In the case of the third dog to have a sample taken and the seed isolate can. It is a case of Providencia alcalifaciens. Wiener emphasized, however, that one could not tell whether that was the cause of the disease, and that this bacteria is naturally occurring in very many areas in the environment. So he comes in the intestines of humans and animals.

Dog disease

21 dead dogs: a Dangerous disease in Norway is a mystery

Disease is not transferable

The dogs would have been very old and had a pre-existing medical conditions, says Vienna more. Therefore, you have made the first two animals, and no precise investigation. The third dog we have done this because of the accumulation of cases, however, and said the germ is bred. As the result was not more had been buried the dog, however, so that a proper official confirmation was not possible. Wiener emphasized, however, that the illness from dog to dog, transferable. This would confirm the samples with other dogs. Also, for the people, the disease is not dangerous.

Andreas Bonin, spokesperson of the district Ludwigslust-Parchim, in the Boizenburg is located, told the starthat the three deceased dogs confirm could, but not proof that it is, in fact, the “Norwegian dog disease” was. To his knowledge, a detailed investigation could not be carried out, since the dogs were already buried, as the district was informed, Bonin. That the said disease was a conjecture of a Vet, as the symptoms indicate.

Exhumation of dogs for investigation is pointless

An exhumation would bring to his Knowledge nothing, so Bonin more. The recommendation of the circle is to contact when symptoms persist, a veterinarian, or directly to visit. Also Vienna says that an exhumation brings nothing, because the samples would have to “be fresh”, so either a sick person or a recently deceased dog.

In Norway, the reports of illness come from all over the country cases; numerous dog breeds, from Beagle to Yorkshire Terrier – were affected. “We know that there is a common pattern with a very bloody bowel inflammation. In the case of three dogs, we have demonstrated two bacteria in the gut,” said Jorun Jarp from the veterinary Institute in September compared with the Norwegian broadcasting company NRK. It is also known that one of the two bacteria poison could produce substances, Jarp.

Bacteria in dogs demonstrated

The two bacteria are Clostridium perfringens and Providencia alcalifaciens. The exact cause of the bloody gut disease, however, is still unknown. But the bacteria are a approach. The veterinary Institute in Norway has examined 15 dead dogs, Providencia alcalifaciens has been demonstrated, therefore, in twelve cases, Clostridium perfringens in the case of “several dogs”.

The Norwegian food safety authority and the local veterinary Institute not suspect the dog disease is “very infectious”, it says on the website of the authority. Investigations and Inquiries have shown that in the majority of cases, in which several dogs were living in a group, only a dog had become ill. This is consistent with the statement of Catherine Wiener. The veterinary Institute of Norway think it is unlikely that there are registered cases of the disease a common denominator.

Dementia in dogs

Unfortunately, a special dog: Emily is suffering from dementia – disorientation scares her

Likely cause is “multifactorial”

It is emphasized that the emergence of a disease is likely to be “multifactorial”. This means that the disease could be due to several coincident factors, the authority. The veterinary Institute and the food safety authority to be excluded as possible causes, among other things, corona virus, e-coli, Salmonella or poisoning. The list of other excluded factors is long.

A Norwegian animal clinic, speaks in a Facebook post from September of “hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis”, something you “see, at least here in the clinic regularly,” mostly in the autumn and when it was wet. Ann Margaret Grøndahl, head of Department of the authority for food safety, said in September compared to NRK that there have been in other countries “similar episodes”, for example, in the United States and Denmark.

Vet’s advice: keep calm!

The food safety authority advises dog owners in General, to assess whether the dog is healthy and, where appropriate, from other dogs to keep away. Also, you should give the four-legged friends sufficient fresh air and exercise, dog waste collection and in waste containers to dispose of and symptoms, a vet call or visit.

Basically, you should keep calm, so the animal doctor in Vienna. Panic was in these cases a “disaster.” You and many of your colleagues are highly sensitized to this disease.

She advises: If the animal is sick, should avoid contact with other dogs, and you should make sure that the dog is to absorb uncontrolled things. These are but basic advice, regardless of the disease as the veterinarian emphasized. If the dog had indeed symptoms such as bloody diarrhea or bloody vomit, you should introduce it to a veterinarian.

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