No Gloves! Doctor reveals shopping rules for protection against Corona

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Every day the cases of the Coronavirus on the rise-Infected in Germany. Angela Merkel calls on the citizens explicitly to avoid social contacts. The corona-crisis splits the society – while celebrating a rash corona parties, the other voluntary quarantine. Where both bearing on each other? In the supermarket because food that everyone needs to. Even if there is still no reason for hamster purchases, you should think about purchasing behaviour is currently quite.

In shops, a lot of people gather. Keep your distance is in demand. But how do I protect myself when shopping, really in front of the Coronavirus? To betray us, Dr. Thomas Voshaar. He is Chairman of the Board of the Association of Pneumological clinics (VPK) and head physician at the lung centre at the Bethany hospital in Moers and explains to us the shopping guide to Corona-times, in the caution instead of panic.

Expert tips: How do I protect myself while shopping before Corona?

Dr. Voshaar, how and when am I going currently the safest shopping?

“Of course, it is to touch in the shops a lot. So one should not plan that you have, all too often, in shops, and that now only those out, who do not have symptoms.

If I tested now positive am or just symptoms I have, should I not go out. But this is also true for the common cold and the flu. Then rather another to go out of the family shopping.“

Hans-Ulrich Jörges

Under quarantine: If it gets out of your life

And if I’m going shopping – how can I protect myself?

“Of course, a shopping cart, basket, or doorknobs, in stores, be surrounded by many people. It’s a good idea really, if it comes out again, to disinfect the hands, if you have something available. Then I would use it immediately, even before you climb in his car or the Bus or something. But at the latest when you get home, before you take off the Jackets. First, you put the bags in the corner, and then you go to wash twice very carefully, the hands. One says Yes, for 20 seconds, and I say, the best two Times:

Yes, this is very fast and well-made, and that’s about it. By the way, before you go out of the house, you should wash naturally hands.”

We come back once again to the shop itself – people hide behind a scarf and gloves. What’s the point?

Gloves signal is always: ‘I think only of myself, but not to the other.’

“If you are wearing the gloves, you can distribute just about everything anywhere. We reject the strictly. The people should wear for God’s sake, no gloves.

And the scarf: Yes, man, so if the want to make, you can make the. A scarf protects actually, if you kill him twice, a little bit. But most of all, in order not to infect others. You can’t prevent in order for you to breathe in something, but that something Infectious is coming out.“

I should wear respiratory protection masks, if I want to protect me?

There is absolutely no reason for people to carry their own protection in ordinary life, breathing masks, in the measures that are being taken now. You should avoid any unnecessary contact with people.

“And if someone has symptoms, he is supposed to be so reasonable and others don’t get infected. That is, he is not to go shopping. And if it wouldn’t be at all avoided, then the mask would have to set up. But in order to protect themselves, no one has to wear in Germany outside of the health system, a mask.”

How is the food? Can transmit the corona virus, when I cook with it?

“The risk is low. Viruses do not stick to surfaces very long. I really believe that it is good, fruit and vegetables to wash off – as always. And then you go before the cook again, wash your hands, as always.“

Thanks for your valuable tips, Dr. Voshaar!

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