New nerve cells by Medicinal Cocktail

A combination of three to four drugs can have so-called glial cells, which perform important functions for nerve cells to grow new neurons. Using this knowledge, could long let may be a therapy for diseases such as stroke or Alzheimer’s develop, the Affected helps your mental functions again.

"The biggest Problem with the brain repair is not is that neurons regenerate after a brain damage, because they are not teilen", Professor Gong Chen of Pennsylvania State University explains. In contrast, glial cells accumulate damaged brain tissue could multiply, after a brain injury. "I believe that the transformation of adjacent glial cells to new neurons the best way to recover lost neural functions wiederherzustellen", so.

The research team had tested hundreds of combinations of active ingredients for the reprogramming of glial cells into neurons. Through the use of four molecules, the critical signaling pathways modulate the glial cells, were able to transform up to 70 percent of them into functional nerve cells in the laboratory for more than seven months survived and how normal neurons in the brain behaved. A Cocktail of three drugs have worked, too, but only about 20 percent of glial cells are transformed into neurons.

Chen and his Team now hope to develop a simple dosage form, the stroke, and Alzheimer’s patients to help lost learning and memory abilities: "Our year long effort to discover this simplified drug formula that brings us a step näher", so.