Nationwide database starts: Where there is free ventilation places on intensive care units?

28.000. So high is the number of intensive care beds in Germany. 28.000 – that sounds reassuring, especially if one compares the Situation with Italy. There are just 5200 intensive courses available. Also one of the reasons why the Italian health care system is collapsing, just at the Corona-Virus, and Doctors have to decide every day who lives and who must die.

But no one knows whether this 28,000 spaces will be sufficient. Just recently, the Federal government has given a further 10,000 respiration devices in the medical technology manufacturer dräger factory in order. Even if the manufacturer produced in Germany to the equipment, is likely to take time. Until then, there is a need to take advantage of the existing capacities as well as possible and to organize.

Drugs against Virus

What time is the first Corona drugs on the market?

To this end, the German interdisciplinary Association for Intensive and emergency medicine (DIVI), the Robert-Koch-Institute (RKI) and the German hospital society (DKG) called a nationwide database of ventilation spaces to life. As of Tuesday, around 1200 to enter intensive departments in German hospitals as well as free capacity in the Divi-intensive register. On the Website extra activated a separate area (for technical personnel only, not open to the Public), in Germany, the ventilation situation on the intensive care units can be displayed and queried can.

So far, there is no Central documentation of the intensive capacities

Currently, no one knows exactly where in Germany the number of intensive care beds with ventilator capacity are available. This is due, as is so much these days – federalism. There is currently no Central office in the capacity in the intensive care are documented. It had been also granted the Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU), as was asked recently, according to the ventilation capacity in Germany.

Coronavirus Pandemic

The Coronavirus spreads – in Germany and around the world

The voluntary Register is to provide a remedy. On a map of Germany, each hospital shall enter in a ‘traffic light’ system, how many free beds for patients with a low respiratory demand (“low-care”), increased ventilation requirements (“high-care”), and for severely ill respiratory patients (“ecmo”). The Register should be updated daily, each clinic is encouraged to update your Numbers at least Once a day.

The logic behind it: if You want to avoid situations where, for example, a hospital in Stade, must be a seriously ill Corona-patients reject, while it is in the middle of Hamburg-Harburg, possibly even free ventilator courses on intensive care. Currently have to be conducted in such a Situation, many phone calls, a free bed to be found. To as soon as possible by a view of the Register is avoided.

DIVI spokeswoman Nina Meckel: “the goal is to use the lead that we have currently, prior to the development in Italy, make sense. We have received many emails from Italian colleagues. All with the same Tenor: ‘get ready!!!!!!!’.”

Urgent request of RKI-Chef Wieler to the hospitals: “Take part”

The participation is voluntary. There are currently no hospital is required to Register to participate. But Lothar Wieler, President of the RKI, urgently asks to participate in the action: “In the hospitals is increasing demand for Intensive care and ventilation capacity for the treatment of patients with severe respiratory disease. Therefore, it is important that the DIVI and the DKG is supported by the RKI, the capacity of intensive care beds, digital capture and so a better co-ordination allow.”

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