Names are better to remember than faces

On holidays and on new year’s eve, we run the risk of meeting distant relatives or Acquaintances, whose faces we know, but the best of intentions, not on their name can remember. Most of us do not think, therefore, that we can remember faces well, names. Researchers at the University of New York, have found, however, that rather the opposite is the case.

The unpleasant experience to have to forget the name of a well-known face, has anyone already done this once. This leads us to intuitively believe that names are harder to remember than faces. Naturally, we will come but only in such a Situation, if we have detected the face. The reverse is the case, so that we don’t remember the name, on the face but on the other hand has never been so good.

Dr. Rob Jenkins of the Department of psychology at the University of New York says: "Our study suggests that many people can’t remember the name, you probably remember but still bad at faces. This contradicts our intuitive understanding, and will surprise many people."

In one Experiment, study participants recognized previously memorized faces to an average of 73 per cent on the same photo again and to 64 percent when they were shown on another photo. To memorized name in the same Format 85 percent of the test persons, as well as 83 percent of name in different font types and sizes are remembered. When the researchers presented, however, the faces and names of famous personalities, achieved by the participants in a much more balanced score, and detected approximately the same number of faces and names.