Mushrooms will get the mental abilities

Seniors who eat a week more than two portions of mushrooms, are less likely to have intellectual impairment than peers who ate rare mushrooms. Six commonly consumed mushroom varieties have been tested in a study, including dried mushrooms and mushrooms in cans. The researchers from Singapore’s assume that the results can be transferred to most other types.

Between 2011 and 2017, the scientists had collected data from more than 600 Chinese people aged 60 years and the consumption of popular mushrooms a little closer, including oyster, Shiitake and white mushrooms as well as dried and canned mushrooms. In people who ate more than two servings of 150 grams per week, they discovered a rare mild mental impairments. But also smaller portions showed positive effects.

The researchers believe that the reason for the reduced mental impairment is due to an ingredient that is found in almost all the fungal places. He thionein is called Ergo, and has an anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory. Mushrooms are one of the most important sources of Ergothioneine.

Previously the researchers had found a team that ergothioneine has been found in older people with intellectual disabilities in lower amounts in the blood than in Healthy. This led to the assumption that a lack of Ergothioneine could be a risk factor for mental impairments, which can be counteracted by consumption of mushrooms. Now you want to test in further studies, the effect of pure ergothioneine.