Mom, we will make (it) nice to us! Natural cosmetics make

Homemade mother’s day gifts have a long Tradition. Children’s crafts in the Kindergarten, flowers, small gifts or paint colorful pictures. With increasing age, the selection of the Do-it-yourself-gifts but it is more difficult. A self-picked bouquet of flowers had been used the year before as a gift – what now?

The free time that you would have planned without the Corona-crisis a long time ago, is now for creative and unusual DIY gifts to use. Just in the spring, it blooms everywhere, cherry trees, Lily of the valley, and tulips around blasting colorful to us. How to Packed the full force of nature in a DIY mother’s day gift, reveals the book, “You can on my skin” from the Austrian dandelion publisher. There are numerous instructions of how from natural ingredients, creams, bath salts and Deodorant goods produced can. For each age group is catered for, even children will be able to implement some of the recipes with a bit of help.

“You can on my skin – natural cosmetics do-it-yourself”, by Barbara Hoflacher with Illustra ions of Ruth Veres, dandelion publishing, 176 pages, 22,90 Euro. Here can be ordered.

Calendula, lavender and Shea butter: you can on my skin!

Skin care is the motto: Less is often more. To many and to harsh products, stress to soothe the skin in place and to maintain. In addition, each skin is different: mixed-oily skin skin,, dry skin – as you can quickly lose track of the drugstore shelf. Natural skin care is gentle on the skin and builds on important micro-organisms. Natural cosmetic is free from micro-plastic, plasticizers and mineral oils, the skin and the environment.

Many of the components that make natural cosmetics itself can be produced, are part of the normal household inventory: olive oil, sunflower oil, and Basil. Other ingredients found in many in front of the door or on the balcony – whether this was intentional or not. This includes daisies, dandelions, lavender, and clean rain water. The recipes in “You can on my skin” to transform natural materials into high-quality care products. Depending on which recipe will be tried, you will need to purchase some of the ingredients in the tray, or organic trade (for example, in the reform of the house).

Best-Selling Author Peter Life

Spring Is Finally Here! Why we enjoy right now is the awakening of nature should

Flowers, herbs and roots – relaxation for skin and the environment

All the ingredients are together, you can start the DIY fun. The selection of cosmetics is very large: from a face cream, using soothing gels to Biozahnpasta everything. Author Barabara Hoflacher is the Belief that five homemade products to pamper the body from head to toe. The production of natural care is plastic – and waste – free Zero Waste with care effect. Also, the book itself is made of climate-positive and remain plastic-free unpacked. The majority of the cosmetics products are vegan, some are even edible, and ideal for a household with small children. The mother’s day is approaching: so roll up your Sleeves, herbs and skin and the environment, do something Good!

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