Masked hypertension: blood pressure is often measured incorrectly, so do it right

"Still, cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death eins", Prof. Martin Middeke from the hypertension center Munich at the &quot said;pharmacon", the international training Congress of the German Federal chamber of pharmacists. "Therefore, it is important that everyone knows his values, and elevated blood pressure, treatment."

A single measurement of blood pressure has for the doctor, but only a small value – neither in medical practice nor in the pharmacy. It is known, for example, that measured in doctor’s offices high values ("Weißkitteleffekt"). On the other hand, just increased in middle-aged men of blood pressure during working hours, but in the doctor’s practice to be normal. This is referred to as masked hypertension. This phenomenon is associated with a high risk.

How do you measure your values correctly

Middeke is recommended for a measurement the following procedure: Initially, the Patient should come to rest, and although physically, mentally, and emotionally. Then the first Time the blood pressure is measured. The value is increased, there should be a second or even a third measurement after one to two minutes and relaxation. The simplest and most effective Form of relaxation that deep breathing is the exhale Through the nose deeply and slowly and out through the mouth deeply and slowly. Thus, an increased blood pressure decreases rapidly in a natural way.

Hypertension is when the blood pressure readings are 140 over 90 or higher; in people aged 80 years and over 160 to 90. Blood pressure values are not to be treated – with a few exceptions for people with comorbidities – medication.

The optimal blood pressure

Optimal blood pressure is below 120 80. Middeke: “This is not to say, however, that the blood pressure by medicines, must be deeply reduced. On the contrary, it would be for many patients, not healthy. A reduction in under 140 to 90 is often sufficient. Especially in patients between 65 and 80 years of age, the doctor for the Therapy has a wide margin of discretion.“

Medicines are necessary, recommends Middeke taking in the early Morning. “The best in the morning, on the bed, the blood does not edge of the swallow-pressure-lowering drug, only for Breakfast. Because the sooner the drug is taken, the sooner it can work.

In the evening, taking the blood pressure is lowered in the night, in part, to strong, and then the body reacts with an unwanted control.“ Evening taking is not only necessary, if the blood pressure in the sleep drops – as measured by ambulatory long-term measurements.

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