Lull in the bed? How to get more Sex in your relationship

Job, kids, stress of everyday life – that after a few years in bed not too much, Sex-author Susanne Wendel is not surprising. She pleads to not have Sex, even if one is actually after.

Susanne Wendel loves Sex. It has made for many years on the trail, what complete accounts for the Sex, and how one maintains it in a long term relationship, and lives. But to have to constantly want to have Sex, that too does not succeed. She has two children in the kindergarten age, studied Applied sex Sciences, writes books ("Today, I come first: Love, and life without Kompromisse"), and since the pleasure of Sex in her time in the Background.

The Appetite comes with eating. So it is with the Sex

Wendel sees the whole in a pragmatic way. "The appetite comes with Essen", she smiles in an interview with FOCUS Online. "So, anyway, and not on the desire to wait. Because the desire comes over one when one has to provide for two small children."

In most relationships, is reached after three to four years, to the point where it is to be again constantly to the Sex that takes place too rarely, Susanne observed spiral. And also a few tips on how this perceived deficiency, is eliminated.

Not in the mood to have Sex? Easy to get started!

Because everyday life is often a little sexy, which is a tired, the other has not it comes to Sex. At least not if you have to wait in this Situation, the fact that two. "It comes to Sex, if you wait in this Situation." Your tip: Just have Sex. "He is actually mostly good." The erotic feelings during the action. A fixed appointment can be a step to more Sex in everyday life.

Get out of the rat race – to the hours hotel

The children’s toys in the living room, the Laundry in the bedroom, ungespültes dishes in the kitchen. Because everyday life is often a little sexy, which is a tired, the other one is engaged, the Sex writer to make this aware. To the place of learning, where you ever had hot Sex, a Wellness weekend, or the hours of the hotel. "This is my personal favorite, because as you can during the day, when the children are in Kindergarten." The change of scenery makes you want, and be exempt from the daily To-Dos.

Sometimes a New car in the Swingers club

"Each Pair should try a Swingers club. A lot of couples talk for years about it and not to be trusted. Couples who have a good relationship, haben&quot with a Swingers club, never a Problem;, Susanne Wendel says. The Problem: If the relationship is already bad, then that could ignite jealousy, for example, on the topic. "But from my point of view not bad. Then it will be least visible."

Slow Sex to be together

As the Name already says: it is about slowness instead of Quickies. The goal is "to be without the usual movements in the pool together and into each other and to spend such a long time. For this it needs a position in the non-falling asleep of the limbs." So everything is less exhausting, completely relaxed and without pressure. It’s about the connection that the partners have with each other. "In the case of Slow Sex is not about coming together, it’s about the together be."

Express wishes

The Sex is run-in and is a tried and tested program, it may be that in fact, both only one point after the other. Who realizes that he is in the thoughts of the shopping list, should seize the Moment to "Halt" to say. "I have struggled, as I my Partner sage", Susanne Wendel told. "But he thought it was okay to lay down next to me and we had a connection. Shortly thereafter, good Sex was right."

Who is constantly rejected, it must be active

Many people seek help to the doctor, Susanne to learn spiral. Women who have children and Sex is not missing once. Men who suffer from the fact that the woman escapes. "As a must go in the lead, this is the one with the higher pressure. It is important that the other gives in then. Because Sex usually has the upper hand, has no desire. It is the one that does not want to win. This thing is a huge challenge in partnerships is to turn around, so that the leads, the fun and the other time with it."

Experience makes good lovers

Sex arises from love, Lust, or erotic, it is an act. With the experience gained by different partners, the certainty that there can be variations, try the. If men are good lovers, you have a lot of experience. "How to satisfy women, not to men in the cradle." And Vice-versa.

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