Love balls for pelvic floor weakness: tips on proper application

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The pelvic floor of a woman has three different functions: He is strainedto the urine and stool to hold back, or during sex, and relaxes during urination and defecation. In addition, he reflexly hold, i.e., an inner tension, for example by Sneezing, Laughing or coughing – counter, urine loss to avoid. And that is precisely the sticking point: Slackens the muscles, it comes to physical ailments, such as urinary and fecal incontinence, or abdominal pain.

Promoted is a weakened pelvic floor, often due to a vaginal childbirth. “Operations on the abdomen, a hysterectomy, chronic cough, Smoking, Obesity and no exercise can weaken the pelvic floor also,” adds Gert Naumann, chief physician of the gynaecology and obstetrics at the Helios Klinikum in Erfurt, Germany. The good news, however: you can counteract the symptoms with love balls. Exactly how this works, click here.

How is a pelvic floor weakness?

About two to three inches thickness of the muscle plate, the the abdominal cavity and the organs of a woman in the pool (bladder, uterus and rectum) from below and closes, is called the pelvic floor known. The muscles and the connective tissue is weakened, the internal organs no longer in place to hold it and it comes to reducing conditions. “It is a genital reduction or even a urinary incontinence can result,” said Naumann. For this reason, the Problem affects not only women who have brought a child into the world, and thus, the muscles are overstretched, but also women, whose muscles subsides with age.

“The basic problem is a weakness of the connective tissue, which is the age per se, is stronger, and through certain influences increases, such as pregnancy and childbirth. Especially in the case of a spontaneous delivery and a delivery using a bell, or pair of pliers,” explains Naumann. “75 percent of all women aged 50 and over. Years of age have a more or less slight pelvic floor injury reduction, which does not always make problems.” At the end it plays no role, what is the reason for the pelvic floor insufficiency occurred. Because love balls of every woman that her pelvic floor strengthening will be used. What is important to note here, you will learn in the next section.

What are love balls are actually?

A love ball is usually approximately almost as big as a ping-pong ball. It consists of a skin-friendly silicon or metal (as in the case of Fifty Shades of Grey) – size, shape, and Material can of course (depending on the manufacturer) vary. Inside of the training device is a small metal ballthat can move freely. The ball is inserted like a Tampon into the vagina, so you can move freely without feeling something: If you go then, the first steps to begin the ball of metal to oscillate and triggers small vibrations – which in turn activate the pelvic floor, without you having to do anything.

For starters, you can with a ball start, if you are Training later intensify want, you can also use two or three balls to use. Two love balls have the advantage of being with a Band or a bridge connected to each other, and each other to Vibrate. Say: The effect is enhanced yet again. And not only in relation to the pelvic floor, but also to your love. Because the fact is: love balls promise a more intense pleasure experience for women and their partners. Assuming you have the balls to turn right. How this works exactly, is explained in the following paragraph.

Here there are love balls made of silicone in a Set of 3.

How are the love balls?

In the first step, you can, if you still have no experience with love balls have a lube to use – this can be the silicone balls are easier to introduce. But sure, a water-based Gel and not silicone-based to use, the Material not to damage it. Unless you are using love balls made of metal, then you can also use a silicone-based lube. Follow the balls and then the vaginal one, until only the ribbon is visible – so as a Tampon also.

The retrieval cord is used, the love balls later, again out. Whether the bullets are seated properly remember them, whether you feel something, when you are moving. In the ideal case, you should not need to memorize the balls hardly when walking. If so, you should have the balls to just 15 minutes a day wearing, your muscles to overload – after a few weeks you will see a noticeable improvement in your pelvic floor can be achieved. With time, you can have the balls to wear throughout the day, if you are always in motion. Before you go to sleep, you need to be taken out again.

Tip for cleaning: After use, you must have the love balls are always clean, best with soap and water. You want to disinfect them, also, recommend a special toy cleaner Spray for silicone. You can get here.

The love balls are suitable for beginners?

At the beginning you should with lightweight balls (up to a maximum of 85 grams) and the recommended time of 15 minutes (once or twice a day) to keep. Otherwise, you might a kind of muscle soreness , which, in the affected area will be very uncomfortable can. The age plays no role, insured Naumann: “You should be sexually active and can make use of love balls at a higher age without a problem”. The only problem that he sees in the application, is the fact that the sheath can be due to a reduction in very far and the balls then not hold. But: “most of the time they are easily usable and completely harmless.”

If your pelvic floor after a few weeks felt stronger to the touch – what are you mainly due to the fact remember, if you can, among other things, less urine lose can the weight and also the size of the love balls increase. Alternatively, you can also use models to try the vibrate, the muscles stronger to stimulate. There is even love balls, using a remote control, self-control, when these vibrate to, such as this here.

Pelvic floor training with love balls: how to

The pelvic floor to train, you need to simply just regular to – and relax again – but exactly here lies the Problem: “Only 30 percent of all women can your pelvic floor arbitrarily good hook, all the others can only use the Po contract, the belly is pulling up, or nothing happens at all. Or presses counterproductive to the bottom”, is Naumann’s concerns, and clarifies: “those Who can’t tensing his pelvic floor, the learns this not by verbal Declaration”. For this reason, he considers the application of tools that are useful: “love-balls, or other vaginal tools have a big advantage. You are in the vagina is perceived and train the muscle automatically, because of the ‘foreign body’ pulls together. The result is more feeling of pleasure through the stronger muscles and a tighter vagina, less reduction, and the prevention or improvement of incontinence”, is his conclusion.

In this Exercise, with love balls in the pool will be strengthened floor

If you love the balls a couple of Times tested, and a good sense of have developed, you can make your pelvic floor a workout – while you are the balls wear. The following Exercises are best suited for a targeted Training of the pelvic floor muskulatur:

You take a chair and sit on the front edge. Now set your feet parallel to each other and rest your hand surfaces in addition to your Butt on the chair surface. Try your pelvic floor to tighten up while lifting your feet for 30 seconds. Repeat the Exercise a couple of times in a row.

You lay on your back and bend your knees so that your feet touch the ground. Now lift your Butt until your thighs form with the back a straight line. Be careful not to fall into the hollow cross! Also, this position you hold for 30 seconds. If you want to increase the difficulty, lift a leg.

You stay lying on your back, bend the knees again and then to the side to sink to the bottom (for example, in each case on a pillow), so that the soles of your feet touching. Take a deep breath, until your lower back touches the ground, and together, press the feet. Then exhale again and relax the Position. So always inhalation: tense, exhale: relax.

So you prevent pelvic floor weakness

So your pelvic floor in the first falters, you can preventive measures to take: “A healthy diet, exercise, no Lifting and Carrying of heavy loads over ten pounds and a healthy bowel movement”, are Naumanns proposals. And also women who are already pregnant, even before the birth in order to begin your pelvic floor to exercise – even better would be, of course, if you Training already before the first pregnancy begin. At the latest after the delivery, you should start in any case. If your pelvic floor strengthening and pelvic floor risky maneuver that has a positive impact. “There was a significant decrease in the bells – and forceps births, no long pushing phase in childbirth, and fewer Hysterectomies,” says Naumann.

In addition to the above-mentioned Exercises, you can prevent weakness in the everyday life of a pelvic floor, in which for example, note the following points in the future:

If you have a cold and constantly have to cough, do not overload your pelvic floor quickly. Therefore, should you both when coughing and when Sneezing, always try to use the pelvic floor muscles to get tense, and always upright to sit when you cough or sneeze, and so that you over her shoulder to the back (top) cough.

Your drinking habits in everyday life can help your pelvic floor to exercise. It’s not without reason that it is healthier to drink up to three liters of water a day. Because if the bladder is never filled, has to do with the pelvic floor and remains untrained. Which in turn means that the muscles are weaker.

If you are on the toilet to go, tilt your torso a little to the rear. As a result, your abdominal muscles can support the intestines. A good Exercise in the water is to stop the urine stream for a short time and then run again. This lets you know what the pelvic floor can, on the other, you strengthen its muscles.

Exercise regularly sports: especially Cycling, Nordic Walking and Swimming strengthen your pelvic floor. Apart from this, you can counteract this a possible Overweight. In combination with a balanced and healthy diet, you meet the best requirements that your pelvic floor stays strong.

After the rigors of a natural childbirth , the pelvic floor is particularly greatly weakened, so many of the women in the first weeks after birth and lead to temporary weakness of the bladder suffer. So no serious incontinence developed, should be freshly baked mothers will necessarily have a regression rate visit.

When may not be used, love balls?

Even if love balls a positive effect on the pelvic floor of a woman’s influence, so they should in no case be used, if you are just a child in the first six weeks after birth, is the Insertion and Wearing absolutely taboo. The same period also applies to operations in the pelvic floor: Also you should avoid the sphere of Love for at least six weeks.

If you have a vaginal infection suffering by bacteria, fungi or viruses was thrown, Wearing love balls is also not recommended. Use this only if the typical symptoms (including itching and Burning) by using the correct treatment – antibiotics help against bacteria, antifungal, helps against fungi, antivirals helps against viruses – have been alleviated.

Love the balls should also not be used if you are using a cervical cap, a contraceptive ring , or a diaphragm to prevent. Otherwise, you risk that the desired prevention of slips method, and the protection is not given to 100 percent. You talk otherwise, even with your wife’s doctor about the possible risks posed by the use of love balls.

And one final tip: There are also special pelvic floor training AIDS – similar to love balls like a Tampon can be introduced. Produced in Germany, a medical product can even be prescribed by the doctor (aid number:
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