Liver regeneration is an important issue for almost all people

Table of contents

  • The liver needs a Regeneration
  • Toxins can’t hide from the liver
  • When the liver is overloaded
  • Signs of liver damage
  • You help your liver to regenerate
  • So take a load off your liver
  • So help your liver in the Regeneration
    • Base Excess Food:
    • Green Smoothies:
    • Well &amp chew; small meals:
    • High-Quality Nutritional Supplement:
    • Drink plenty of water:
    • Herbs for the liver
    • Capsaicin from Chilis
    • Bitter substances
    • Antioxidants
    • Probiotics

    The liver needs a Regeneration

    The liver is one of the most important organs of our body, when it comes to the healthy maintenance of the entire organism.

    Measures for liver regeneration are, therefore, in regular intervals, very useful – which is obvious especially when you look at all of the tasks and areas of responsibility of the liver:

    The liver is the connection point of almost all areas of the body. Anything and everything that gets in the body, happens also the liver and this ultimately decides what is good for the body and that which is detrimental.

    So all of the food components, for example, according to their metabolism by the intestine in the liver. There you will be processed in accordance with the individual needs of the body, and is then, if necessary, to the relevant bodies and forwarded.

    Not immediately required nutrients and vital substances can save the liver up to a certain amount, to have for later times, inventories.

    The liver also produces the digestive necessary bile juice, with the giving of the gallbladder.

    Since the liver is also a detoxification organ No. 1, it builds toxins and ensures that this can’t be a burden on the organism.

    Toxins can’t hide from the liver

    The nutrients also contained in the toxins from entering the liver.

    Furthermore, those toxins are absorbed through the lungs and through the skin, via the blood straight to the liver.

    This has excellent defense mechanisms against harmful substances. You can do it with the help of special enzymes harmless and through the intestine or the kidney for elimination, and round-the-clock and day-to-day. The removal of the toxic substances are strong cell poisons, which can damage the liver cells themselves immensely. But even here, the uniqueness of this institution is again clear, for the repair of your cells, the liver does in person. It produces the required complex fats, called phospholipids – in a sufficient extent.

    The detoxification of incoming toxins can, however, take place, exactly how the cell repair, then in full, if the poison load is limited and when the liver is completely healthy and efficient.

    When the liver is overloaded

    The number of toxins every day by the liver cells filtered from the blood, has been increasing since decades.

    In addition to the body’s own toxins, enjoyment, constitute poisons, such as alcohol, nicotine and drugs as well as medicines of any kind are a tremendous burden on the liver.

    Add to intestinal problems such as bloating, gas, which generate highly toxic gases, pesticides in food, fungal toxins such as aflatoxins, environmental pollutants, heavy metals in drinking water, mercury in teeth, and much more. When the liver is no longer able to cope with the ongoing onslaught of various poisons, the non-filtered toxins straight back into the bloodstream and can do this way in all areas of the body great damage.

    Another Problem is that the liver is able to adequate amounts of phospholipids for the repair of its defective cells, which represents a significant impairment of their efficiency.

    At some point you can no longer meet their varied vital duties in an appropriate manner.

    Signs of liver damage

    In the interior of the liver has no nerve fibres run, therefore, the liver can’t Express their Overload in the Form of pain.

    The pain of the liver for a long time, silent. Only later it comes to a Push in the right upper abdomen.

    This fact makes it difficult, of course, liver damage and to take appropriate counter-measures.

    The result of a weakened liver, a weakened, tired and low-energy person who suffers from digestive problems and/or chronic itching is in the first place.

    Other signs, which may indicate, however, massive liver congestion, are the following:

    – high-red – so-called strawberry tongue – frequent nosebleeds – excessive sweating – dark urine – small red, pinhead-sized dots that appear at various Points of the body at irregular intervals and back – yellow disappear yellowing of the skin yellowish discoloration of the white eyeball – swelling between the eyebrows – Fever and discomfort on hot summer days – loss of appetite – impaired concentration

    Of course, not all of these symptoms need to have to do always and exclusively with a liver damage. However, it is very unlikely that in case of complaints of this type, the liver is involved. For safety’s sake, you can go to, of course, in the case of the described symptoms, a Doctor, and this clarification ask.

    But at least now it is time to let the liver those support it needs for Regeneration.

    Very good news is that can recover the liver even if it is already damaged.

    You help your liver to regenerate

    The liver is a pronounced regeneration of viable Organ. Even if half of the liver would be severely damaged, it could regenerate itself completely – of course only then, if the damaging factors are avoided in future.

    The sooner you are ready to relieve your liver aware of and to support you in setting up your cells in a natural way, the faster your entire body from the effects of your liver will benefit friendly measures.

    So take a load off your liver

    • Organic food: when you buy your food, that you with pesticides that are charged. Food from controlled organic cultivation is the best choice.
    • Fruit and vegetables thoroughly clean: Conventionally grown fruit and vegetables should be thoroughly cleaned. If you want to manufacture your own cleaning products, so you can find the instructions at the end of this text.
    • Ready meals to avoid: do not Buy traditional ready meals, because they contain many synthetic additives also substandard in fat and sugar additives. These ingredients can be consumed in larger quantities, the Regeneration of the liver also affect. If you want to occasionally rely on ready-made meals, select products from the Bio-trade.Â
    • Zero alcohol: Avoid alcohol consistently. Even small amounts affect your liver, especially if this is in the regeneration phase.
    • Pure water: Filter your tap water with a powerful water filter. Or you use to cook with carbon dioxide free mineral water.
    • Bio-cleaning agents: Use only organic cleaners, as the chemical fumes of traditional products over the breathing in the body. More contained in the chemical substances be absorbed through the skin.
    • Natural cosmetics: Buy it for the same reason, for the cleaning and care of your skin and hair consistent products from the natural products trade.

    The implementation of the above measures will not only reduce the burden on your liver, noticeably. You will feel significantly more comfortable, more free and more powerful.

    While the above points ensure that your liver is in the future preserved in the best possible way in front of the toxins that can provide you with the subsequent measures your liver with everything you need for a successful Regeneration:

    So help your liver in the Regeneration

    Base Excess Food:

    Eat a healthy diet and pay special attention to an adequate intake of fresh, nutrient-rich foods (fruits, vegetables, salads, sprouts, etc.).

    Green Smoothies:

    To prepare a daily green Smoothie (herbs or green leafy vegetables with fruit mixed in). Especially the high chlorophyll content of the herbs and green vegetables, as well as the effective antioxidant potential of the vital substances to support the liver for detoxification and Regeneration. Delicious Smoothie recipe ideas you can find on many Websites.

    Well &amp chew; small meals:

    Do not eat large quantities at once, but you get used to smaller portions, so that the liver is not overwhelmed. You chew on in addition to thoroughly. This improves your digestion and therefore the health of the liver.

    High-Quality Nutritional Supplement:

    Optimize your diet with a supplementary supply of Vital substances through high quality supplements. The Chlorella algae, for example, has – in addition to their nutrients and vital substances offer a certain degree of binding capacity for heavy metals. This property makes them specially for the Regeneration of the liver to an ideal component.

    Drink plenty of water:

    You can drink a day about 1.5 liters (or 30 ml per kilogram of body weight) of non-carbonated water in good quality, so that a part of the toxic substances can also be excreted via the kidneys.

    Herbs for the liver

    Herbs such as milk Thistle, artichoke and dandelion have always been known for their liver protective properties.

    The dandelion can be integrated daily in the meals (Smoothies, salads, soups, etc.).

    The milk Thistle should be chosen, however, better in the Form of high-dose preparations.

    The artichoke is offering in the Form of fresh plant pressed juice, which is several times a day tablespoon.

    Special herbal mixtures are also tailored explicitly to support the liver in its detoxifying activity, be effective. In this way, the liver is relieved and strengthened at the same time.

    Products of this type are as a dietary Supplement for liver strengthening and / or liver regeneration.

    Capsaicin from Chilis

    Capsaicin is pepper, the spicy-tasting substance from the chili. In Tests has proven to be Capsaicin as a great liver protector that could protect the liver from damage by liver toxic substances.

    Even in the case of liver fibrosis (progressive scarring of liver tissue, which can Cirrhosis and cancer) could Capsaicin help, and fibrosis, although not fix, but its progression to prevent, so that it does not have to come to cancer.

    Capsaicin can be taken via capsules.

    Bitter substances

    Bitter substances are those secondary plant substances, the liver is particularly pleased. They provide a healthy flow of Bile, regulate the acid-base balance and to activate the functions of the liver. Bitter substances are elixirs, in the Form of herbal bitter (such as bitter star), Bitter (e.g., Bittrio herbal elixir-alcoholic), bitter plant powders (e.g., lion’s tooth powder), or bitter plant extracts (e.g., dandelion root extract) taken.


    Also the intake of antioxidants (e.g., glutathione, Astaxanthin, OPC, etc.) is an important contribution to the protection of the liver. All of the liver onerous toxins generate a large number of free radicals, which can be made by taking additional amounts of antioxidants are harmless. This measure allows the liver cells to also a faster recovery.


    There is a close link between the intestinal health and the performance capacity of the liver. In the meantime, scientists found that taking can help of probiotics, even during the removal of a fatty liver.

    Probiotics can be taken solo. You can, however, come in the context of a colon cleansing program. Because The healthier and cleaner the colon, the less toxins enter the liver, and the better the liver. How to perform a colon cleansing, you can find here: How does a colon cleansing

    You now know a whole lot about the exceptional organ of the liver. You can find further information here: The holistic liver cleansing

    Sure, you have already dealt with this earlier with the well-being of your liver, if you would have been informed of this important Organ is sufficient.

    But now nothing stands in their activity in terms of liver support in the way 🙂

    For their contribution to liver regeneration, your body will reward you in any case up to a high age with the best of health.

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