Kaitlyn Bristowe’s Period Hookup Story Is The Most Relatable Thing I’ve Heard All Day

  • Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe just revealed that she had her period the first time she hooked up with her now-boyfriend Jason Tartick.
  • Speaking on the Off the Vine podcast, she used her story to help normalize menstruation.
  • Kaitlyn’s comments come just a few days after Bachelor Colton Underwood said he thought period underwear was gross.

If you’ve ever gotten your period at the **worst** possible time (um, who hasn’t?), then you can definitely relate to Bachelorette star Kaitlyn Bristowe’s experience. She recently opened up about getting a surprise visit from Aunt Flow during her first hookup with now-boyfriend Jason Tartick (who, ICYMI, placed third on Becca Kufrin’s season of The Bachelorette).

“I was on my period,” Kaitlyn confessed on the most recent episode of Off the Vine podcast. “This is a natural thing for women. We don’t have to act like it’s weird… I was like ‘Yo, let’s just dry hump.’ So we did. Literally, I had pants on. We were fully clothed and hot and heavy.” (Of course, period sex is always an option, too, gals.)

First of all, major props to Kaitlyn for being open about her experience and using it to normalize menstruation. And if that wasn’t enough of a share, she added, jokingly (I think?), “In five minutes, he picked my nose and gave me an orgasm. So yah, it was good.”

Kaitlyn’s comments come just a few days after—and in stark contrast to—Bachelor Colton Underwood saying he thought period underwear was gross (**eye roll**). So while there clearly is some serious period stigma to overcome, it’s cool to see a reality star actually getting real about a totally natural part of her body.

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Always a koala on this one. ?

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Always a koala on this one. 🐨

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The funny Bachelorette also said that Jason’s frequent compliments tell her they must still be in the “honeymoon phase.” “Talk to me in two years,” she laughed.

Jason, on the other hand, has other predictions for their life together as time goes on. “Talk to me in two years, and we’ll be married with a kid,” he said. “Two dogs, too.”

20 hours until I see this stud. 😍 (If anyone’s counting). I’m sure you can guess who my NY guest is? #AreYouSniffingMyHairAgain

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Jason and Kaitlyn seem very into sharing their love—and everything else in between—with the world, and if that’s not a sign of a happy, healthy, and oh yeah, filter-free relationship, I don’t know what is.

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