Insomnia before the menstrual period?

New results confirm that young women are suffering from the days before the menstrual period more likely to have sleep disorders. Also a low-calorie diet has an impact on the quality of sleep, such as expert reports, last weekend, at the annual meeting of the society for endocrinology in New Orleans.

Compared with the early phase of the cycle, the sleep efficiency decreased to the "Days prior to the Tagen" 3.3 percent: women 15 minutes required, on average, longer to fall asleep, and you woke up at night more often. "In the late luteal phase, the days immediately before Menstruation, increased sleep disturbances festgestellt", summed up, Anne E., Kim, medical student at Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine of Case Western Reserve University in Ohio, the results.

Also a short-term reduction in calories to about half of the daily requirement had a negative impact on sleep, both before ovulation, as well as shortly before the Onset of Menstruation. The lower availability of energy through the menstrual cycle-induced effects increased.

Kim and her colleagues had two menstrual cycles sleep data of ten healthy women between the ages of 18 and 28 years of collected. The women wore activity sensors on the wrist, and your hormone status was determined in morning urine. During the study, the women participated in addition, a five-day diet with 55 percent less calories.


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