How much money has to get to my doctor?

More than 575 million euros, leaving pharmaceutical companies in the past year Doctors, specialist group members and medical institutions. Part of it is down to the Detail to understand: More than 20,000 Doctors and specialist group members have agreed to be the payee named. The Research of the “Correctiv” and the SPIEGEL ONLINE shows where the money has gone.

Explore the shared payments in our interactive map

Are registered in an address to several persons or institutions, then the Tooltip shows the receiver with the highest total sum. Via a Link in the Tooltip you can see in the database, all other receivers, as well as a breakdown according to categories. Read the most important questions and answers on the evaluation in this article.Here’s an abridged version:

The data carried researchers of the “Correctiv” and the SPIEGEL ONLINE, several dozen lists published by the pharmaceutical companies individually, including many non-computer-readable PDF-files with incomplete information.

Also the quality of the data is not appeared in individual cases is doubtful, for example, if the specified sums are consistent with the listed payments. The indicated addresses were also partially incomplete, so that individual points could not be located on the map precisely.

In our database, you can explore the merged and adjusted data for the approximately 20,000 Doctors and specialist group members in Detail. The Doctors and institutions were asked by any company to their consent for the publication of the data.

Have you discovered a note on data or a discrepancy in the information? Then please contact at the address [email protected] so, we the database can optimize.

Note: an earlier Version of the interactive map was reversed in some entries, the assignment to the categories of “fees” and “sponsorship”. We have corrected the error and apologize for it.