Guarana – and-effect and application

The alternative Wake-up from South America

The capsule fruits and seeds of the Guarana (Paullinia cupana) coffee real competition. Thanks to its high content of caffeine, the Guarana extract is a reliable pick-me-up. Unlike coffee, Guarana contains a number of other health-related ingredients. In the case of the indigenous peoples of the Amazon, guarana or Guarana is a been around for hundreds of years in folk medicine, as well as to the diet used fruit. Also, we discovered, in the meantime, the benefits of this in your home as the eye of the forest-known berry, which is celebrated by the manufacturers of energy drinks already as one of the best Wake-up ever. However, Paullinia cupana significantly more. Here you will find details of the topic.

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Plug-in a letter to Guarana:

Scientific Name: Paullinia cupana
Plant Family: Soapberry (Sapindaceae)
Folk names: fruit of the youth, the eye of the forest, the drink of the gods, the Green Gold of the Indios
Origin: Amazon, South America
Plant Parts Used: Fruit
Main Ingredients: Caffeine, Tannins, Theophylline
Areas of application:

  • Lack of concentration,
  • Circulatory weakness,
  • Performance weakness
  • and digestive complaints.

Herbs portrait: The Green eye of the Amazon rain forest

The to plants the soap tree (Sapindaceae) Guarana is native to the tropical regions of the Amazon basin. The woody Plant will grow, depending on the site conditions, either as a vine or in the Form of climbing shrubs. The orange-red capsule fruits of the Guarana drop the viewer immediately into the eye. They grow in racemose clusters, each of which has a greenish-black seeds of stone, which is about more than an inch tall and the main part of the fruit’s ingredients. As soon as they are ripe, they burst and reveal their black seeds in the core, which is surrounded at the base by a white seed coat. The capsule fruits appear in the open state, therefore, such as small eyes, thereby the popular epithet of “the eye of the forest”.

The official name of “Guarana” (paullinia cupana) of the people of the Guaraní, both in Brazil, as in Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay at home. In the folk medicine of their South American homeland Guarana is valued for centuries as a valuable medicinal plant. The Amazon people used the powder of the ground seeds of the Guarana since time immemorial for the production of Guarana Paste. It is used in the folk medicine of the Guaraní today as a tonic in disease and Hunger, but also as a disinfectant for wounds and inflammation. Furthermore, the Guaraní did your “eye of the forest” as a pick-me-up, by made from the Guarana powder energy-giving drinks.

Traditionally, the Indians here to process the dried fruits and seeds of the Plant Guarana powder and make a Paste or a drink made from the powder extract. The extracts of the Guaranas, for example, for the treatment of

  • Diarrhea,
  • Gastro-Intestinal Complaints,
  • Hunger – and thirst feelings,
  • Fever,
  • Cardiovascular Problems
  • Concentration disorders,
  • Weakness
  • or to improve the performance.

Just the stimulating and performance enhancing effects from Guarana is also used for epithets such as “fruit of youth”, or, in the case of liquid Guarana extracts, “potion of youth”. Today, one also knows the beneficial effects of Guarana

  • Inflammation,
  • Urinary retention,
  • Depression
  • and migraine.

In particular, the production of Energy drinks, from guarana extract has now arrived in the Modern age. Countless manufacturers swear by guarana powder as an efficient Alternative to coffee or chemical stimulants such as taurine and celebrate Guarana as the best herbal Energizer at all.

This is due to the fact that guarana has extract well three times more caffeine than a comparable quantity of coffee beans. In addition, the powder from Guarana also contains a variety of Mineral and natural substances, the immune and digestive are of inestimable value for the metabolism, immune. Guarana is not, therefore, only as a watch-makers use. From the extract of Paullinia cupana, among other things, the following products are manufactured:

  • Energy Drinks,
  • Fruit juices and Smoothies,
  • Fruit teas,
  • Chewing gum,
  • Milk products (for example yoghurt),
  • Dietary Supplement
  • and chocolate.

Ingredients and effect

The wholesome Guarana extract is often incorrectly referred to as “Guarnin”. A misleading term that suggests whether a particular active ingredient. In truth, a whole active ingredient behind Guarnin, however, complex. In addition to the caffeine, which accounts for about seven percent of the Guarnins and his guard make gives, are to be found in the guarana powder, among other things, also up to 25 percent of the vegetable tannins, including about 12 percent of the so-called tannins.

Not only the caffeine content in Guarana invigorating

Guarana contains a proportion of up to eight per cent, almost three times as much caffeine as the coffee bean. The herbal substance not only acts as a stimulant, but generally stimulating

  • Circulatory System,
  • Concentration and performance,
  • Production of urine
  • and digestion.

Although caffeine is one of the most important components in the supposed Guarnin, this is not the only ingredient, Guarana rival gives its lasting revitalising effect. The above-mentioned tannins are known to have a disinfecting and anti-inflammatory effect. At the same time, the tannins in guarana extract is a vessel (astringent) effect. It has the consequence that caffeine portioned is directed through the vessels, what is the duration of action is extended. Closely related to caffeine, the natural substances theophylline and theobromine in the extract of Guarana. They also have stimulating and revitalizing.

Interesting facts: The effect of caffeine can be explained by the vessel’s own mind dosage can be significantly extended, which is why guarana extract to six hours of its invigorating effect constant develop.

Guarana invigorates the skin and mucous membranes

For the astringent effect of the tannins is their special property is responsible, to escape the skin and mucous membranes protein. This has been a desiccation of the tissue. Is used, this mechanism of action not only in regard to the vascular texture. Because, as their Name suggests, are used, the drying tannins, especially in the tanning of leather, to infectious agents such as bacteria and fungi on the animal skins to escape the breeding ground.

In both animal as well as human skin and mucous membrane tissues, tannins are

  • anti-microbial,
  • as a disinfectant,
  • anti-inflammatory,
  • expectorant,
  • wound and blood breastfeeding.

Respiratory tract, heart, and digestive tract benefit of Guarana

Interestingly, the combined effect of tannins and other ingredients in Guarana extract. What is meant here, especially

  • Theophylline (a degradation product of caffeine),
  • Theobromine (theophylline related plant material),
  • and saponins (plant sugar building blocks).

Together, they give the fruits and seeds of the Guarana, a

  • respiratory liberating,
  • cholesterol-lowering,
  • bowel regulating,
  • diuretic,
  • the heart and the immune system,
  • nervous stimulant
  • and mood enhancing effect.

In addition, they reinforce dissolving the mucus and anti-inflammatory effects of tannins. Guarana extract is because of this combination effect, perfectly suitable for the treatment and prevention of

  • bronchial diseases,
  • Gastro-Intestinal Complaints,
  • increased cholesterol levels,
  • Urinary tract infections,
  • Heart disease,
  • Nervous weakness and mood swings.

Application and dosage

According to Indian Tradition are ground fruits and seeds of the Guarana today is first dried and then powder. Available the Guarana-extract, then, either in pure powder form or as pressed tablets or capsules. Important in the application of the Guarana supplements with the correct dosage. Since Guarana a highly efficient, natural pick-me-up, you should be at the dosage carefully. Because Guarana does not mean more performance or health advantage. Rather, the classic side effects of caffeine enhance in an Overdose and lead to increased

  • High blood pressure,
  • Heart rhythm disorders,
  • Headache,
  • Inner Restlessness,
  • Nervousness
  • and sleep disorders.

As a guideline, a daily dose of a maximum of two grams of Guarana. People with existing high blood pressure or existing heart disease are not recommend guarana products in General, since it can lead to dangerous blood pressure and heart rhythm disorders. In the case of a pregnancy or during breast-feeding is also discouraged by the consumption of Guarana products, because of the increased nerve, intestinal and metabolic activity, it could lead to a premature birth or, in the case of breastfeeding mothers, to health complaints to the child.

Guarana powder instead of coffee

Due to the high caffeine content of Guarana is particularly well suited as a pick-me-up, because it acts over several hours and releases caffeine in a gentle way. Just people who are particularly sensitive to coffee, can be found in Guarana, therefore, a real Alternative to in the morning quick fit. In addition, Guarana is skin-friendly to the stomach lining and irritating this less than coffee.

For those who want to manufacture beverages such as tea, Smoothies, Shakes or cocoa from Guarana, to use one of the best, the powder of the medicinal plant. The bitter taste, the Guarana, because of its very high caffeine and tannin content, is covered by such mixtures. Since one gram of Guarana contains powder for 40 to 90 mg of caffeine, is recommended for adults, a daily dose of a maximum of one to two grams of Guarana powder (about half a teaspoon).

Tablets and capsules of Guarana for easier dosage

The dosage of the Guarana powder is just for beginners not always easy. For this reason, it is Guarana extract is also in pre-dosed tablets and capsules. This will not only allow a better dosage, but can also be swallowed Whole to avoid the bitter taste. Important if you are taking squeezed Guarana extract is to drink sufficient water (approximately one to three liters per day), so that the active ingredients in the body to dissolve fully and disperse well. If the package insert recommends otherwise, you should capsules for a maximum of one to three Guarana or a maximum of two to three tablets daily.

Side effects and contraindications:

An Overdose of Guarana (approx. 20 grams) of grass can cause side effects, such as the heart, restlessness, headache, stomach irritation, and Tremor. The symptoms are similar to those of an Overdose of coffee. For Pregnant women, mothers breast-feeding as well as people with high blood pressure, or an overactive thyroid Guarana is not suitable. Reasons the already mentioned side-effects, which can be in appropriate at-risk groups is very strong.

Interesting studies on the effect of Guarana

The effect of Guarana has been studied on several occasions. In the process, researchers came to the conclusion that drinks, Guarana-extract, only due to their high content of caffeine revitalizing. Thus, the wax-makers of many other energy drinks, which manufacturers have to reset the artificial stimulants, in order to intensify their invigorating effect is different. Due to their high levels of caffeine, it is only logical that Paullinia cupana in the studies, as expected, as an excellent pick-me-up was confirmed. A 2015 study has also discovered other active ingredients in the powder Guarana, which rival the Vita effect to further enhance. It is believed that it is the already-mentioned natural substances, theobromine and theophylline.

Particularly interesting is also the result of a study by the Institute of morphology at the Brazilian Federal University of Santa Maria. Here, scientists studied two different test groups, where a local senior stock, the regularly took Guarana extract (NG). The other test group (GI) consisted of seniors who had never had a drink before Guarana. It turned out that the members of the NG group showed in General a lower Rate of metabolic diseases. In the case of the male group members are also less likely high blood pressure was found.

Also, the brain power is stimulated according to a Brazilian study, apparently, by Paullinia cupana. Interesting, this is the one for the use of performance-enhancing guarana products, in the context of test situations, and others, for the brain challenging activities. On the other, the competent researchers emphasized that Guarana is due to the memory-improving effect may also for the treatment of cognitive disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease.

The effect of guarana powder on the immune system was also examined medically. Here researchers came to the conclusion that Guarana not bacterial only anti, but also an immune-strengthening effect. The latter moves for 2016 more and more into the focus of science, because Guarana helps the immune system clearly targeted against cancer cells.

To go to the cancer-inhibiting properties of Paullinia cupana, have performed Brazilian researchers in 2017, a study. And in fact, the initial results were confirmed. In combination with caffeine, Guarana, certain cell proteins seems to suppress the growth of breast and colon cancer. The extract of Paullinia cupana could be in the future as an anti-cancer agent to be relevant.

Guarana buy pharmacy, drug store, or online trading

In addition to powders, capsules and tablets from Guarana there are, of course, buy ready-made energy drinks. In the pharmacy or drugstore in front of place a lot of preparations, which are also available online. Furthermore, to be offered in the food trade, guarana-containing refreshments.


Guarana is not only a wonderful natural ingredient for herbal Energy Drinks, but also a Plant with great healing potential. According to recent research, Paullinia cupana has a revitalising, metabolism-stimulating, immune boosting and even cancer-inflammatory effect. The fruits of also as “the eye of the forest” well-known vine plant from the Amazon can be traded to them as a Superfood. Nevertheless, you should dose of Guarana in moderation and not more than two grams of guarana extract per day eating, to avoid unpleasant side effects. Because a lot of helps here, as so often, not much, but more of the unpleasant side effects of too high a dose of caffeine. (ma)