From the Coronavirus surrounded: New York travel broadens restrictions

After initially successful control of the Coronavirus New York to adopt increasingly drastic measures against an impending relapse in the pandemic. In addition to a stop for most of the activities in enclosed spaces, Governor Andrew Cuomo expanded on Tuesday (local time) in addition, the restrictions for travellers from the Rest of the United States to a total of 31 of the 50 States. Guests from ten other regions, including Alaska, Washington, and Virginia will have to go upon arrival in New York 14 days in quarantine. Persons that do not cooperate, risking a $ 2000 penalty.

Reason, in many Parts of the USA, a significant rise in infection numbers. Especially in the South and the West had to be some taken relaxations, in whole or in part, and back again. Many of the, sometimes, over 70,000 new infections per day came most recently from the population States of Florida, Texas and California rich. However, the Johns Hopkins University provides for increases in most States – particularly in Alabama, Nevada or South Carolina.


New York in the disaster mode, our Reporter at the epicenter of the Corona-pandemic

Governor Cuomo: Our Numbers are on the decline

“While infection rates are rising in 41 other States, to decrease our Numbers steady,” said Governor Cuomo on Tuesday. “Yesterday, we had (with two), the lowest number of deaths since the beginning of the pandemic and the non-fatal cases in New York City”. To weddings were killed in the state on the US East coast per day to 800 people. However, even if the largest metropolis in the United States seems to be, provisionally, on the mountain, many of its residents that New York as a financial centre and hub can’t shut out the Virus permanently.

Meanwhile, life has returned more than three months after the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic in New York, at least partially, even if the economy suffers as before. Many Restaurants have built wooden terraces on the streets and sidewalks in front of their doors, at least here, the business is picking up again.

In order to allow the distance to keep, are calmed down some streets traffic – just get out there and in the Parks meet in the evening or on week-friends again. Most of the New York – unlike many of their compatriots – you can see even with the mask. “Otherwise, I am mocked,” said a man in a Kiosk in Brooklyn for the explanation, even though he believes in the protection.

People celebrate in large groups

Especially Younger people did, but with the Situation at least partially relaxed. At the weekend, about 800 young adults celebrated the local station NBC New York, according to a Party on the beach of Long Beach in front of the gates of New York. The pictures showed little people with a mask, the police did not intervene according to its own information, to escalate the Situation, there had been but Bottle throwing at police cars. “The young people don’t understand, what can you or your family happen,” said local resident Janie Zuckerman to the TV channel.

Also Videos from the New York city borough of Queens, had made at the weekend, the round and for a lot of misunderstanding taken care of. Larger crowds of people had danced in the crowded on the street and celebrated. “It’s stupid, what are you doing!”, had Governor Cuomo scolded on Monday in the direction of the party-goers and took the in his opinion too passive police in the responsibility: “These quantities must be driven”.

Animals suffer from Corona-crisis

New York restaurant guests can make unpleasant encounters with the hungry rats

New York City in the fourth and final Phase of the Opening

Therefore, the government of the Federal state is now also rigorously against Local, in breach of the regulations. “The Restaurants and Bars that encourage young people to come Together, threaten us into hell to bring back, we have experienced three months ago,” Cuomo said on Tuesday. So far, four bodies have been deprived of the alcohol license.

Since Monday, New York City in the fourth and final Phase of the Federal is government re-opening plan. Actually, among other things, museums and interior would have to be open spaces of Local, but just like Shows on Broadway, and other indoor activities, these remain loose for the time being. The fear of the second wave in New York remains high.

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