For the Die, it is as if you were drowning: Doctors describe oppressive conditions in the Milan clinic

Around 25,000 cases, almost 2000 Deaths: Italy is, after China, the country that is most affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. Doctors and nurses work long border, far in excess of their load and can’t help everyone.

As Francesca Cortellaro. The Physician heads the emergency room of the hospital San Carlo Borromeo in Milan. Currently, they witnessed terrible scenes, Because the clinics have exceeded, especially in the North of the limits of their capacity for a long time, no longer can you and your colleagues are helping many Infected. Dozens die, most of them elderly. Some can’t say good-bye once more personally to their relatives.

In an Interview with the Italian newspaper “Il Giornale” to describe Cortellaro and your colleagues, what are the dramas part to play.

“You pray you, to greet your children and grandchildren”

“You know, what is the worst feeling?”, Cortellaro reported. “To see how the patients are dying, all alone. If you listen to them while they beg you to greet your children and grandchildren.” Moments like this Cortellaro and their peers on a daily basis. A number of occasions.

Corona Virus

As Italy struggles with drastic measures against the Coronavirus – a report from Milan

“The Covid-19-patients come alone in here. Not a Relative can accompany you.” You felt instinctively when they need to go, says the Doctor. “They are in their right mind, no one is stunned.”

For the death it was the, “as if you were drowning – but with a lot of time to be aware of.”

Grandma and granddaughter say goodbye – shortly thereafter dies, the old lady

A case in a hospital touched the Doctor in particular: “There was this grandmother. She wanted to see her granddaughter. I pulled out my phone and made a video call with her granddaughter. The two said their goodbyes. A little later the woman died.”

You have, in the meantime, Want a long list with video call, so Cortellaro. “I call it a goodbye list.” The Doctor wants iPads: “Three or four would be sufficient, so that the patients don’t have to die alone.”

Fight for additional beds

Cortellaros colleague Stefano Muttini, head of the resuscitation Department, describes the Whole thing as: “I have the impression that I was in a Tsunami, fall am, I can never stop – no matter how hard I fight.”

The biggest Problem was to find new places for beds. His Station had eight beds. He had somehow managed seven-to add, then again eight and eventually 16. In the end, it had 31 beds. “On Sunday morning (meant is the 8. March, Note. d. Red.) I was happy because I had found a further six beds, but at noon they were already occupied all the. For a Moment I felt pinned down.”

Finding and Commissioning of new premises is a Problem for everyone: Stefano Carugo, head of the heart-lung Station, has the good fortune to have soon is more space available. With views of dust-covered rooms, in which workers of cables pulling and electrical connections route, he told the newspaper: “The twelve additional places for heart patients in need of intensive treatment. The rooms will be in two days, fully functional. Normally, we would have needed this months, but instead we did it in five days.” There is no other choice remains to you.

Moving Video

Deserted city as a result of Coronavirus: Italian mayor breaks out in tears

“This is not a movie. The disaster is long since”

The descriptions and pictures from the Milan hospital seem partially apocalyptic – but you are a bitter reality, as it is called in the report of the “Il Giornale”: “If you listen to the stories of Francesca Cortellaro and your colleagues, then you realize: This is not a movie. The disaster is already there. All of these veiled faces, these gloved hands are desperately struggling to make a disaster out of here.”

The Situation is especially in the hospitals in the North of Italy dramatically. For several days, more and more Doctors and nurses are turning to the Public to the dangers of the Virus to the attention of the people ask to leave their homes.

Coronavirus Epidemic

"I’m zusammengebrochen": As doctors and nurses in Italy to their limits

However, the Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte warned his fellow Americans about the Situation seriously. In an Interview with the newspaper “Corriere della Sera” – he appealed to the good sense of Italians: “The scientists tell us that we have not reached the climax yet, that these are the most risky weeks and we must have the greatest caution”. It was important, all adopted by the government bans and regulations are observed. All people should stay at home. To drive individual sports, should be allowed, “but all together, go for a Jog, is prohibited”.

Sources: “Il Giornale”, “Corriere della Sera”, John Hopkins University

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