Flu season, vaccination of risk groups: what you should know to be flu

Every year, the Influenza calls for thousands of Deaths in Germany. Also in 2019, the influenza wave is likely to grip to. With the right Knowledge about the Influenza vaccination and risk groups, you can protect yourself from the flu, but good. FOCUS Online gives you the most important answers.

Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU) let the public with a Berlin post office mail carriers be vaccinated against influenza. How dangerous the disease can be, show the latest Figures for the influenza season 2017/2018: About 25,000 people died, according to estimates of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) through the flu. Just risk patients should therefore be vaccinated. Questions and answers about the flu and vaccination:

When is the next Influenza peak?

The flu wave with higher numbers of illness usually begins in January and lasts for three to four months. The first cases but can also occur earlier, even now there are first diseases. How long is a Flu epidemic will take, but is not predictable.

How intense the next Flu season will be?

Also the are not able to predict experts. The thickness of flu outbreaks varies greatly from year to year. The about a look at the influenza shows visits to the doctor-related: In the more moderate influenza season 2018/2019, there were 3.8 million visits in the 2017/2018 season, however, around nine million. During this particularly strong flu wave 25.100 people died, according to RKI. The was cases, the highest number of deaths in the past 30 years.

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What is the difference between a cold and Influenza?

A flu infection, such as a cold is also called, has to do with the real flu is nothing to. Both are caused by different pathogens. In contrast to normal airway disease, which is mostly gone after a few days, the virus of the flu quickly and violently. Symptoms pain is usually sudden-onset high fever over 39 degrees Celsius, chills, muscular, sweating, General weakness, head pain, sore throat, runny nose and dry cough. Not everyone Infected becomes ill, however.

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When is the best time for flu vaccination?

Already in October or November, the vaccination should be carried out. A vaccination can be rescheduled, even at the beginning of a wave of Flu. But then the risk of being infected rises, before the Vaccination is built. This is only achieved after ten to 14 days.

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Protects a vaccination in any case?

No, a hundred percent protection against the flu, there is not. According to the RKI information about half of the Vaccinated is protected. The uncertainty mainly affects the Elderly, whose immune systems are generally less well to vaccinations responsive. However, it has to do with the ever-changing virus properties. It may be that the circulating influenza viruses do not match the tribes well, with the vaccine containing the Virus. Therefore, it may also be Vaccinated to influenza disease, but with milder course of.

Who should get a flu shot?

The Standing Committee on vaccination recommends vaccination, primarily the elderly over 60 years, chronically sick with Illnesses such as Diabetes, Asthma or cardiovascular diseases, medical staff and nurses, as well as Pregnant women. The specific recommendation for high-risk patients but this does not mean that all others are discouraged from vaccination.

How high the vaccination rates are?

There’s a lot of air is still to the top. A RKI-questioning of the hospital staff showed, for example, that in the 2016/17 season, with only around 40 per cent against the flu were vaccinated. In the case of Pregnant women it was about every tenth, and in the over 60-Year-olds only a third. Older people have an increased risk for a severe course of Influenza and complications, such as pneumonia or heart attack. The majority of flu deaths occur in the Elderly. Although vaccination in the elderly is less reliable, you can halve the risk of disease, but in about.

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