Factory openings, fever, measurements, and laws against usury – Italy timetable from the Lockdown

Italy wants to start with the announced easing of the Corona Barrier in the economy. With priority industries to start up again, the are for Export is important, and the work on the construction. This Prime Minister, Giuseppe, Conte announced in the newspaper “La Repubblica”. The 60 million citizens of 4. May not equal full freedom of movement back. In Italy, schools holiday stay until the summer seal. Open again in September.

The Cabinet of Ministers in Rome, has worked for days on a Plan to restart. Officially, the concept should be presented till Monday, announced Conte in the Interview. The number of new infections was previously increased, a longer period of time is less strong than in March. The number of seriously ill patients in intensive care units declined even more significantly. Italy is hit by the Covid-19-disease hard. It is registered since February to Saturday, more than 26,000 Corona-Dead .


Italy quarantined: Wait, this nightmare ends

Still no “full freedom” to Coronavirus-Lockdown

For the citizens have been in force since 10. March strict output constraints. You may leave your home only to a few occasions such as the shopping. Large parts of the production, trade, and tourism because of the pandemic on the ground. Restaurants and Bars are closed for many weeks.

“We are not able to extend the Lockdown to continue. Us threaten otherwise to severe damage in the social and economic area,” said Conte. The head of government announced that it is strategically important economy to start activity quickly, possibly as early as next week. The health protection must, however, be always taken into account. It is expected that the government issues to many sectors of protection rules. This could mean working in layers, spacing rules, and the obligation of the respiratory protection.

According to the words of the Prime Minister, the citizens should not expect too quickly with the “full freedom”. Bars and Restaurants would not be the same on 4. May the doors open. “But we work on it, to allow restaurateurs not only home deliveries, but also offers Take-away.” In Local in Rome is already cleaned now and hammered. Hosts to try, how the tables have plexiglass separating.

With a view to a mask obligation of the party announced lots of Conte, Rome will limit the prices for masks. So the speculation in the trade with the mouth-nose protection should be prevented.


Minister of transport, Paola De Micheli said that the return of many of the people in the companies make fundamental changes in public transport is necessary. The channel Rai News she explained on Saturday, and outputs to train stations and airports would have to be controlled – for example, by “one way streets”. Offices should extend their opening Hours to avoid rush hours. The increased use of fever scanners in train stations and U-Bahn stations is in the conversation. When flying, there should be a mask of duty.

The government is seeking the information, according to a national overall plan. However, the 20 regions of Italy, are affected in very different ways. Extremely strong grass of the Sars-CoV-2-excitation in the North magnetized, in Lombardy. As in Germany, the regions pursue their own plans. The Cabinet of Ministers in Rome must vote often tedious with the regional governments.

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