Eye diseases-recognize These signs you can’t ignore Video

If you suddenly see points, Flickering or flashes in front of your eye, you need to immediately to the doctor. It could be a retinal detachment. If you wait too long, you could be blind, warns eye doctor Julia Harris.

Itches the eye or the vision is blurred for a short time, is usually not a cause for concern. In the case of certain ailments, you should visit a doctor, because behind it is a serious eye disease.

1. You see flashes of light, a bright Flicker, a lot of weave, dark points or spin.

These symptoms indicate the beginning of the end of retinal detachment. The light-sensitive layer of the retina detaches. Julia Harris from the professional Association of ophthalmologists warns: “A detachment of the retina leads to visual field loss and progresses if untreated, to blindness of the eye.” Concerned must, therefore, immediately to the doctor.

2. The eye is red, burns, and hurts, and it feels as if a foreign body was in it.

The signs of a corneal be inflammation. Of often contact lens wearers are affected: damaged long Wear or a poor fit of the lenses, the corneal surface and allows bacteria into the corneal penetration. The cause can also be irritation or injury by a foreign body or a herpes virus.

Eye doctor Julia Harris is not recommended: RUB, but they cover the affected eye with a sterile dressing. You can then to the eye doctor. He can use this to remove foreign body gently. An untreated inflammation of the cornea can lead to scarring, and worsen the eyesight permanently.

3. You can suddenly see in one or both eyes, in whole or in part, nothing more.

There are a variety of reasons, which may result from migraines to blood circulation disorders in the eye or in the brain. Possible cause a Vascular occlusion of the retina that can cause permanent vision loss. The eye doctor is recommended to go to the doctor.