Doctors are allowed to give the girl a blood transfusion, although the parents are Jehovah’s witnesses, however,

A five-year-old girl is in Leeds, England in a clinic. It suffers from severe sickle cell anemia – a hereditary disease, when it comes to dangerous anemia. Sickle cell anemia makes Doctors a great challenge, with a blood transfusion can be the most dangerous impact is usually prevented. In the case of the child in Leeds the Doctors feared a “dangerous crisis” without the Transfusion, the girl threatened to die or to suffer a stroke.

The girl hovered in mortal danger

The Problem: The girl’s family belongs to the Jehovah’s witnesses. In this religious community, the Administering of blood is expressly forbidden. “In both the Old and the New Testament clearly commanded to abstain from blood. Also, In the case of God, the blood stands for life. So we have two reasons that we reject the blood: obedience to God and respect for him as a life-giver,” say the Jehovah’s witnesses on their Website. They point out that there are more and more alternative medical treatment without blood transfusions. But not in all cases, this is sufficient.

In the case of the little girl from Leeds, a Transfusion is the only way to save in time your life. Therefore, the Doctors of the hospital called the local family court to make a decision. The judge got both the point of view of the believers is explained as well as a medical evaluation of the experts on the health condition of the girl. The child’s father broke down in court and said he wanted his daughter to live, but that he could not agree to a Transfusion.

There are Alternatives – but not always

In this respect, the parents should have been relieved, perhaps, that the court took the decision for you. The judge ruled that in this case a blood transfusion is the only way and is urgently needed.

The court does not decide but in any case, against the religious community. Recently, there was the case of a British teenager who was also a Jehovah’s witness and refused to be blood to be treated. In which case, the Doctors said in court that an alternative treatment might be possible and tried to be, before the Boy was forced against his will to a blood Transfusion.