Digital Medicine: Video Office Hours

How does a video consultation?

The Patient does not like üusually in the practice, but talking on the phone via the video connection with the doctor. So köcan doctors and patients many kilometers away: you can see and talk to each other.

Who is a digital consultation use mökilled, benötaken dafür is a Smartphone, a Tablet, or a internetfähigen Computer with a camera and a microphone.

As well läa disease sst via video circuit handle?

"In some Fäcases very gut", doctors Erik Bodendiek from Wurzen in Saxony, says General. He is the Chairman of the Committee on telematics of the Bundesämedical Board and erklärt: "Ädoctors köcan, for example, the healing process of wounds examined, with diabetics, the blood discuss sugar values or Erkältungen treat."

It is of advantage, if the doctor knows the health risks. Physicians düpatients may, in most Bundeslächange, in the meantime, but without the previous persöpersonal contact by video consultation treat, so Bodendieck.

When stößt the video medicine to their limits?

The complaints from a distance are not clearly assess, the Patient in the practice. Doctors have quite a different Untersuchungsmöopportunities. You köcan, for example, touch, smell, blood tests, an ultrasound.

In practice

The doctor may refer his patients to an agreed date via Video and, for example, the course of therapy control. So the Sick do not need to come into the practice.

"Treatment by Video only, if you äcertificate acceptable ist", Bodendieck emphasized. And as long as the electronic prescription eingefüis granted, must come the Patient already in the practice, and his regulation issue. In some regions of Germany, also, the poor Internet connection is an obstacle.

Looks and hört really, no one?

To prevent this from happening, the doctor must the surgery üabout to let a certified videographer to run. This gewäensures that the circuit is safe verschlüis stored encrypted. The heißt: Only the Patient and the doctor köcan see and hören.

Who träthe cost f&uuml gt;r video office hours?

In the framework of the statutory health insurance, the health insurance Fund. Individuals should kl&auml with your insurance company;ren, whether or not these numbers.

How to find tele-physician?

Dafür there are no tabs. Generally speaking, füdo only a few medical video office hours through. Ask your doctor if he offers the Service.

In the case of tenders from the Internet, carefully look at whether you seriös. You can check with the insurance company thereafter, and whether the cost üscheme. Some offers are valid only für self-payers or private patients.

There are model projects für Insured by law?

Yes, a few. But some are still under construction. Pioneer &quot is;Docdirekt" in Baden-Württemberg: Legal k&ouml Insured from the state;can call for almost two years, in acute diseases, if you can not reach your doctor, Monday to Friday between 9 and 19 at this point. The cost träthe respective health insurance gt.

"Medical assistant to take personal details and symptoms of the disease. A doctor calls by phone or Video zurück", Dr. Johannes Fechner, Vice-Chairman of the Kassen&auml says;medical Federal Association of Baden-Württemberg. "The Teleädoctors köcan often abschließend help." 250 to 300 patients a month use this Service.