Diet, Psyche, sleep: Eight health To-Dos for a healthy autumn

Get adequate sleep

Give your body time to regenerate during the night – and he will thank you with a performance on the day and a strong immune system. In a study, researchers have found that sleep supports the work of the defence cells of the immune system – the so-called T-cells.

It must always be a minimum of eight hours of sleep in the night, is but a myth. “The key is the Find of the day is,” writes sleep researcher Hans-Günter Blind in his book, “The sleepless society”. “Those who sleep out on the day, fit, balanced, and powerful feel, was a good enough night’s sleep – no matter how much it was.”

By the way: A Midday NAP is not a taboo – on the contrary. It is healthy and increases the performance in the second half of the day.