Diarrhea danger! Consumer advocates warn of a fruit salad from the supermarket

Fruit is healthy – but the same does not apply necessarily for ready-made fruit salads from supermarkets, discount stores and bakery shops, such as a sample of the NDR-the consumer magazine, “market” shows. The consumer advocate participated in seven products – with an alarming result. In five of the seven samples, the number of Intestinal bacteria, yeast or mold, lay the mushrooms over the warning levels, respectively, the reference values of the German society for Microbiology. This means that The salads were already suited to the time of the purchase for consumption.

Fructose Intolerance

If fruit makes you sick

A Discounter-product coincided with a particularly high number of bacteria. Both the number of yeasts, as well as the number of intestinal bacteria was higher than the Warning value, and can therefore cause diarrhoea. A supermarket fruit salad was loaded with mold spores, which is critical since fungi cancer can produce carcinogenic toxins.

Fruit salad: Important information is missing

On some of the cups information to the production – and consumption date. Add to that six were stored for seven products to warm. The temperature during the purchase should not be higher than seven degrees Celsius and has been exceeded “significantly”, – stated in a communication of the “market”. “For Pregnant women, the elderly and vorerkrankte people with a weak immune system all these factors can be dangerous.”

“The market,” informed the manufacturer about the grievances and responded very finds differently to the Germ. Two providers withdrew the fruit from the sale; a bakery shop is announced to waive in the future, in principle, to the sale of fruit salads. A further provider carried out checks and found that the cooling of the fruit counter worked partially. The defect was fixed.

Sliced fruits are basic vulnerable to contamination with germs. On the big wet interfaces can multiply pathogens rapidly. Fruit is stored for a salad for too long or at too warm temperatures, it may ruin. The Federal Institute for risk assessment (BfR) advises, therefore, that fruit – especially melons – according to the small cut immediately to eat or temporarily in a refrigerator for temporary storage.

More on the topic in the program “the market”, Monday, 18. November, at 20.15 clock in the NDR television.

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