Dangerous infection: Young patient almost dies to Toxic Schocksnydrom

A 16-year-old American feels for three days sick. In the emergency room of a hospital, the Doctors can find nothing. Suddenly, your condition is deteriorating rapidly. On the same evening the young woman is in intensive care, to failure of your organs threaten.

For three days, a 16-year-old American with abdominal afflict pain, Nausea, headache, and shortness of breath. Your whole body hurts. Just by chance, she discovered in her right breast a node. On the Morning of the third day the young people go to the emergency room of Beaumont hospital in Farmington Hills (Michigan), for lunch you will be dismissed, in the evening she lies in the ICU.

What happened?

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The 16-Year-old, an ambitious performance swimmer, who suffered in the past from Asthma, was diagnosed with the extremely rare, but extremely dangerous Toxic shock syndrome (TSS). In your case, the specialist magazine “Oxford Medical Case Reports reported”.

The infection that overtakes young women, in particular, is so insidious because its symptoms are at the beginning mostly ambiguous and, as in the case of the 16-year-old US-American, and consequently to a severe cold or flu remember. TSS is not diagnosed in time and treated, die the Affected within a few hours of circulatory and organ failure.

In the morning the patient is discharged, in the evening, she is in the ICU

The young woman made in the early Morning and a good impression on the Doctors. Their values had all been harmless, the x-ray-Chest x-ray, ultrasound of your abdomen as well as the laboratory examination showed no abnormalities. The patient reacts on Palpation of her right breast is sensitive, but the Doctors were unable to establish a node.

In order to alleviate your muscle pain, got the 16-Year-old an Infusion. As these improved, sent the Doctors you home – you should come back when you feel but worse. In any case, a visit to the gynecologist is advisable.

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Because had increased their nodes in the chest, in fact, and to feel clearly was, the young woman against 15 a.m. a gynecologist. In the meantime, she felt seriously ill, suffering from chills and fever. On your entire body a sun had spread a fire of a similar rash. The gynecologist sent the patient immediately back to the emergency room.

17 at the hospital listed the following values of young people: With 120 beats per Minute, her heart raced, at the same time your blood pressure was 92/47 mmHg. This Time the Doctors ertasteten also a 2.5 centimeter lump in her breast. In the case of an ultrasound, you will discover several Abscesses. Oxford Medical Case Reports, Volume 2019, Issue 6, June 2019, omz054, https://doi.org/10.1093/omcr/omz054

On the basis of their blood results, the Doctors suspected that the patient suffered from Toxic shock syndrome. TSS can be caused when certain strains of the bacterium Staphylococcus aureus toxins (toxins) to produce, in the blood in the body to be distributed.

TSS is also known as “tampon disease” known

Staphylococcus aureus is a bacterium that in small numbers on human skin and mucous membranes occurs. It becomes problematic when the bacteria produce an excess of multiply and toxins. The best prerequisite for this is a pad that stays too long in the body and blood and bacteria in the Vagina is dammed, for example, forms. The heat and moisture in the vagina to offer bacteria optimal conditions to reproduce. Since TSS was first described in connection with the use of Tampons, it is also called the “tampon disease”known.

TSS can also be caused when Staphylococcus aureus due to other causes increased and toxins forms. This can happen (rarely):

  • by mechanical means of contraception (e.g., diaphragm)
  • in the case of a birth
  • in the puerperium
  • in the case of infectious miscarriage
  • in the case of burns or injuries to the skin
  • in case of insect bites
  • in the case of abscesses
  • in the context of operations

According to the Robert-Koch Institute, young women are mainly at TSS: “Approximately 92% of described cases occurred in menstruating women (average age 23 years, mainly in connection with tampon use), the incidence is three to six cases in 100,000 women in the sexually age activate”. Nine out of ten older adults antibodies were against the toxins, so the toxic shock syndrome feel in this group of people significantly less.

In the case of the 16-Year-old, who used no Tampons, or contraceptives, are invaded by the pathogens, apparently via the nipple in the body, causing Abscesses are formed. The Doctors treated her after the diagnosis with two different antibiotics, however, her blood pressure fell further. The Doctors moved her immediately to the intensive care unit, where she got the stress hormone Neorepinephrin, that should boost your circulation. The Abscesses have been operated also from the chest. In a study of them turned out that in fact, Staphylococcus aureus is the cause of the infection.

Young women can protect themselves from the dangerous infection

In young women who use Tampons or a menstrual Cup during your period, the risk of TSS is reduced if you follow certain rules.

  • Always wash the hands before using Tampons, diaphragms, menstrual cups, and other things that will be introduced into the Vagina.
  • You leave Tampons lying around, but you can use them directly after Opening.
  • Clean items such as diaphragms, menstrual cups, etc. before Use. Getty Images/gregory_lee

Other important tips:

  • Read package leaflet and instructions (e.g., Tampons, and menstrual cups) thoroughly.
  • You change Tampons regularly, at the latest after four hours.
  • Use only Tampons that fit to the current strength of the period, so that when you Remove watt residues remain in the Vagina.
  • Go shortly before bedtime once the Tampon or you can use Bind best at night.
  • You can dispense with super-absorbent Tampons.

If you observe symptoms of TSS at:

  • Remove the Tampon/menstrual Cup.
  • Seek a physician immediately or, depending on the condition, call an ambulance.

Typical symptoms are:

  • Fever
  • Gastro-Intestinal Complaints (Nausea, Vomiting, Diarrhea)
  • Muscle pain (cramps and pain)
  • (Slime)Skin Changes
  • Low Blood Pressure
  • Disorientation or loss of consciousness

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