Corona currently: do I Need to wear respirators?

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The contacts reduced to a Minimum, to stay at home – ride out the Situation. Contact and the prohibition of the output limitation is the name of the policy measures, the spread of the Coronavirus in the best to curb possible and to delay.

But for each and every individual asks himself at the moment, as you can yourself, but also others in front of the Coronavirus protect. Who leaves to visit a few isolated purchases, doctor or errands, the house, the falls: more and more people are breathing masks to wear. Is it necessary? And should I wear it now as a precaution also a mask? With these questions answered, Dr. Thomas Voshaar, Chairman of the Executive Board of the Association of pneumological clinics (VPK) and head physician at the lung centre at the hospital Bethanien Moers, while we talked about a shopping guide to Corona times.

Respiratory masks as a Corona-protection? The says the doctor

Dr. Voshaar, should I have to wear breathing masks when I go outside, for example shopping,?

“For me, there is currently no reason at all. It measures are not taken. Therefore, there is no reason to take people to your own protection masks. We are talking here of normal life, in the hospital, it looks different, of course. But in normal life, you should avoid any unnecessary contact with people anyway.“

And what if I want to protect others?

The most important thing of All: If someone has symptoms, then he should so be reasonable and the other not infected. But this also means: do Not go shopping. If a walk does not go, then, alone, and only there, where he meets other. If it is then not at all to avoid is to go out by myself to go shopping, because there is no neighbor, child, or Relative, is: Then he would have to put on a mask in other not to infect.”But in order to protect themselves, no one has to wear in Germany outside of the health system, a mask. Otherwise, this is not to run Around with a mask, as we see it on TV or in the movies, is absolutely necessary.


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Breathing masks for their own protection? No, for the protection of other

What is it with self-made breathing masks?

“I would say so, when the masks go out completely, it could even be a replacement for ambulance services and old people’s homes and so on. You can sew very thick masks, but only if you have the appropriate fabric and the layers used.“

So: no, you need to and should not wear this mask to protect you. But, in Order to protect others. Some people carry the Coronavirus, unnoticed in themselves, and so on. For this we need, however, no medical masks, which belong as I said to the health system. We can make yourself a?

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