Can mineral water be bad – and how to recognize it?

This experience has certainly made everyone:

Water from an open bottle of taste after repeated use, stale.

However, drinking water can be a bad thing?

No, it can’t.

A bottle is opened or water is a long time in the glass, however, changes the chemical composition of the liquid.

The water takes CO2 from the air, and a part of the liquid turns into carbonic acid.

This process lowers the pH of the water and makes the taste a little sour.

The the taste experience, however, affect only.

Harmful it is not in the rule. The expiration date on water bottles is, therefore, no expiration date.

Manufacturers are obliged, according to bottled water regulation, that a date of minimum durability. “But even after the expiry of this period, bottled water is still enjoy without hesitation. The carbon dioxide conserved the water and makes it an almost unlimited shelf life.“ Information Center Of German Mineral Water. In plastic bottles, however, can escape oxygen to enter and carbon dioxide.

Plastic bottles can hormone make similar chemicals into the water.

Although no immediate damage to health to occur when you drink the water even after the expiry of the minimum durability date,

however, researchers from the long-term consequences. Overall, it is recommended to consume open bottles within a few days.

Because when you Open the micro-organisms can get into the bottle.

Especially in a bright and warm environment to make them multiply.

Therefore, the storage fraction of water bottles in the refrigerator is best.

You cannot avoid pathogens by drinking with several persons from a bottle. While Drinking can be reached from the saliva, bacteria in the bottle.