Burnout risk: Seven warning signs that you must not underestimate

A Burnout can manifest itself through a variety of different symptoms. Characteristic is a feeling of great fatigue and exhaustion is always. However, there are other alarm signals that indicate that you have taken. Who’s in control here early on, has yet to put the brakes on the way – is pronounced a Burnout, however, for the first time, then it often takes months to properly fit.

1. You sleep poorly

In the case of a Burnout, the exhaustion is great – many Sufferers find but still no sleep. Most people are familiar with it, to sleep in stressful phases, for one or more nights bad. If, however, you can permanently lie awake at night and ponder for hours not falling asleep or waking up, you should be attentive.

2. You feel restless

Anxiety sounds like the opposite of exhaustion – in fact, restlessness is often a Symptom of exhaustion. Many people who have suffered a Burnout, report that they felt restless and driven. In the early stages of burnout, people are not so excited that you simply come to rest. If you find that you are constantly nervous, a thought the next hunt and you hardly ever sit still can, you should ask yourself, since when this unrest is, and whether they reflect the beginning of a burnout could be.

3. You neglect their interests

If the Burnout starts to get friends, family, and leisure time is less and less space in life, while all the energy in the work flows. Thus, recovery phases, which screws missing fades: The energy and the Motivation to leave. If this sounds familiar to you, it might be time to make their leisure activity and to take conscious breaks, in which the work plays no role.

4. You brood a lot – but find no solution

A sign of exhaustion is to be able to evenings and weekends off. To be concerned, ruminate about problems at work but did not find a solution. The thoughts never end – is found once a solution is equal to the next thought loop for a different Problem at hand. If the thoughts are permanent only to the work, this is a clear warning sign of a Burnout.

5. Your body answers: you are often sick

The exhaustion also suggests on the body: The immune system weakens. Early signs of a burnout can be common illnesses such as colds. But also headache, back pain, stomach problems, or circulatory problems can be warning signs of a body that is exhausted and a rest needed.

6. Are you suddenly clumsy and forgetful

In the case of a Burnout, the energy is missing – sometimes for the little things in everyday life. Are you clumsy all of a sudden, stumble or bump into often? Can’t remember the Name of a customer partout? And how late to the important Meeting again? If you permanently change the concentration because you feel tired, is urgently called for a break for your body and mind.

7. The recovery time never seems to be enough

The strongest warning sign of an impending Burnout, the feeling that the time for the recovery is sufficient, never is actually. If you feel even after a two-week vacation totally exhausted, should light the alarm lamp. In busy phases of a weekend is not enough sometimes, the Stress of the work week to shake off – but this should not be a permanent condition. You brake in time and you are looking for a compensation!

This article was Berentzen written by Maria

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