Berlin has first Coronavirus case detected by accident – and the patient first sent home

The Coronavirus Sars-CoV-2 has now reached the capital city of Berlin. The first known Berliner Coronavirus Patient is treated on an isolation ward in the Virchow-Klinikum of the Charité. The health of Senator Dilek Kalayci (SPD) said on Monday in Berlin. The man had been dismissed admitted with different symptoms on Sunday morning, after a few hours but again. In the evening, the diagnosis Covid would have been then-19 confirmed, media reports. You have found this by “accident” out. The Opposition parties in the Berlin Senate, speaks of a “glitch” and criticized the Senator for Health.

The man from the district of Berlin-Mitte was initially with atypical symptoms in the now closed emergency room. The 22-Year-old noted, is “well under the circumstances,” said Kalayci at a press conference. You’ve been on the phone with him, according to the RBB. His condition had improved slightly.

According to the information of the RBB, the man had to leave on Saturday in the center for travel and tropical medicine in Berlin-Mitte as a preparation for a trip to vaccinate. His state of health deteriorated after that, the roommate would have called the fire Department, which brought him into the emergency Department of the Virchow-Klinikum, said the Charité Executive Board Ulrich Free. The Patient concerned had, therefore, fever and signs of upper respiratory infection. According to the newspaper “daily mirror” he had stated, to have been two weeks since symptoms of a cold.

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Coronavirus is suspected not to have first passed

Investigations on a possible inflammation of the brain or a flu had not been confirmed, according to RBB. Then he was on Sunday afternoon discharged. A suspected Coronavirus have not initially passed, the authorities declared. The man had no classic symptoms of the Coronavirus.

But since the Charité Influenza – with Coronavirus-connect Tests, had been detected the infection in the same evening. The Charité has, since a week these Parallel Tests, such as the “daily mirror” reported on. According to this result, the 22 was taken-Year-old back in hospital. As the man was previously came home, was, according to the “Berliner Zeitung” is unclear.

“Without this internal control, to perform a parallel test, the Patient is likely to still be unrecognized at home,” said Free. The case was accidentally discovered. How the man got the Virus Sars-CoV-2 infected, not know it. “There is a quiet track to the North Rhine-Westphalia,” said Free. The husband’s parents live there and had visited him.

60 contact persons identified

According to RBB, eight employees of the Virchow-Klinikum had contact to the man. They had been free for two weeks. A total of 60 contact persons have been identified according to the Kalayci now. This would have to be investigated. All were domesticated in isolation. Include the contact persons, the parents of the husband, as RBB reported. You should have seen your son on the weekend before in Berlin, according to official data, they are currently symptom-free.

Free, announced that it had set up at the Virchow-Klinikum a focal point for the Tests and swabs on the Coronavirus, so that “concerned citizens,” the Rescue in the event that the RBB.

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Criticism from the Berlin Opposition on crisis management

From the Opposition parties in the Berlin Senate, meanwhile, criticism of health Senator Kalayci was loud as RBB reported. “On Monday afternoon, it was announced that the person Concerned had already been on Sunday positively, and previously even sent home to be tested. This glitch and the delayed Information are totally inadequate in view of the dangers of this infectious disease”, – quotes the channel of the CDU-health policy-makers Tim-Christopher Zeelen. Opposition politicians would doubt that Berlin was well prepared against the Coronavirus. Ulrich Frei stressed, however: “There is no risk that a citizen is not supplied”, so the “daily mirror”.

According to the newspaper, the notification of health authorities about the Coronavirus infection has caused the police for the unrest. There was criticism of the fact that you’ve reported about the case to call without more details.

Meanwhile, in Berlin, a school was closed due to the Coronavirus. The “Berliner Zeitung” reported. Due to the current infection case. There should be a connection in the Parenthood, the newspaper said. The school have stressed that the success measure as a precaution. A suspected case in the school itself it should be.

Sources: the news agencies DPA and AFP, the city of Berlin, RBB, “Tagesspiegel”, “Berliner Zeitung”

Editors ‘ note: The star asked for the Charité for information, but have so far received no response (status 02.03.2020, 18.25 hours).

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