A man plagued by extreme shortness of breath – debt-to-bed is

For three months the man is very bad: He is tired, feels unwell and complains of shortness of breath. His doctor is typing, initially, to a respiratory infection and sent him home again. In fact, the symptoms improve, and then a short time later to return: in the Meantime, the 43-Year-old so bad that he is missing 14 days of work.

Two months after the first doctor’s appointment is not to live a normal everyday life to think: “In the case of physical exertion, I got dizzy spells,” recalls the British Patient in the journal “BMJ Case Reports”. He takes a few step to walk, he has the feeling to faint. Even the staircase to the first floor of his apartment becomes an almost insurmountable obstacle. To take “the stairs to the bedroom, took a good half hour, because I could only walk two steps in sequence, and then sit down and had to rest.”

Bronchial Asthma

If no breath is, of course,

The Doctors are alarmed because the man gets so bad air. Shortness of breath is a dangerous condition and some can be threatening and often life – timer, such as an acute asthma attack or a pulmonary embolism. The physician put the patient on the head, examine his blood, x-ray of the lungs and leave him for a lung function test. The blood values of a man are normal. However, during the function test, it is noticeable that the gas exchange is impaired in the lung. On the x-ray image of the lungs an eye-catching pattern in addition, Certain sections of the organ effect of clouds on the mount.

What is wrong with the patient?

The physician to Patrick Liu-Shiu-Cheong from the Victoria hospital in Kirkcaldy, light on the disease history and the everyday life of the man. Every Detail can be important to find the cause of the lung disease. The man is non-Smoking. He leads a quiet life and returns to live with his wife in a warm, dry apartment. The two keep a dog and a cat. During the day, the 43-Year-old in an office work, after work, he plays guitar and saxophone in a Band. Recently, the man told the two of them have been filled, a special purchase made: a thick duvet for the bed and pillows, also with Down. Before that, the Couple had used for years, bed linen with synthetic fibers.

Down as the trigger

The doctor is noisy: Down? The physician now has a concrete suspicion what the man could suffer. The disease affects otherwise only to people who keep birds as Pets or breed animals. The talk is of a so-called bird-breeder’s lung, a form of allergic Alveolitis. More than every tenth of a pigeon fancier becomes ill in the course of his life.

Shocking Footage

Smoke lungs deluxe: After this Video, you touch guarantees a cigarette

Under the alveoli, refers to vesicles of the lungs where the gas exchange in the lungs takes place. You can ignite if, for example, the smallest organic particles are inhaled and the body reacts allergic to it. To blame for the bird breeder’s lung, a Protein found in bird feathers. Asthmatics are responsible for disease are particularly susceptible. The longer the substances of concern are inhaled, the more pronounced the symptoms are usually. The inflammation may extend finally to the whole of the lungs and lead to if left untreated, a pulmonary fibrosis. While normal lung tissue is replaced by non-functional connective tissue.

A Alveolitis manifested by fever, cough, shortness of breath and rapid breathing. The symptoms time after the contact with the Allergen, what is the difference between Alveolitis of an asthma attack. Most of the complaints show up after four to eight hours. The therapy is to avoid the Allergen consistently.

The physician advises the patient to dispose of the goose down bedding and get the safety rubs him for the sake of cortisone, to reduce inflammation. The symptoms can be improved rapidly. Soon, the man can stop using the cortisone again. After six months he is completely symptom-free. He was now back to his Old self, the man reported in the journal. “It affected me in any way, and my life is back the way it used to be.”

With one exception: He’s sleeping now only in hypoallergenic bedding.

Source: BMJ Case Reports / lung doctors in the network

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